Thursday, August 6, 2015


Another recipe post!
korean black bean paste noodle, korean dish with chinese background. In seoul, not all restaurant sell this, usually they served in noodle house or chinese restaurant. Jjajangmyeon contains home made noodle, and top with black bean sauce with dices of pork, potato (잠자), and cucumber as last touch. And here my own version!

Ingredient :
Wheatbuck noodle
Black bean paste
Potato starch
Sesame seeds
* you can change all vegetable with whatever you like :3

1. Cut all into tiny similar size cubes

2. Boiled noodle around 5-10 minutes and drain water

3. Saute garlic and onion with lil oil, until it turns lil brown

4. Put pork and carrot, stir until it changes color

5. Put eggplant in

6. Pour 300ml water and black bean paste

7. After the water reduce around 15 minutes, put a tbs of corn stratch for thicken the liquid

8. Put noodle in a bowl 

9. Put generous sauce in 
10. Sprinkle some sesame seeds

mashiketa! Have a try guys!

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