Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I bet you all know this japanese snack! Yap TAKOYAKI, it's also very famous in Indonesia. Store that I like the most here is Okirobox. And Here in Japan, you can easily find this "balls" everywhere. P.S : Everywhere in Kansai area. If you are in Tokyo, just a small chance to find this. Because Takoyaki is originally made long long time ago in Osaka prefecture, Kansai Area, named Choboyaki.

This dish was named back during the Taisho period for the drop-by-drop ("chobo-chobo") way in which flour-based batter was grilled on a cast-iron griddle resembling the ones used today to prepare takoyaki balls. In around 1935, a visitor from Akashi to Osaka came upon a street stall selling it and explained that "they use octopus in Akashi." It is said that this single sentence inspired the birth of takoyaki, by which "Akashi octopus" and seasoned batter were brought together and grilled. At this time in the birthplace of takoyaki, soy sauce-rather than sauce-was poured over takoyaki balls. Some establishments to this day continue to offer suyaki, an unadorned version that is served with no toppings or sauce of any type.

And picture below, is a takoyaki stall in Fushimi-inari temple in Kyoto. Well if we compared it with Indonesia's, it is much bigger. I loved looked for its process.  Here in Japan, takoyaki is very compacted. They put lots of chopped cabbage, ginger and spring onion inside. 6 big balls priced ¥500 or Rp. 500,000, totally worth it! It will fulfill your stomache. Soft perfectly cooked takoyaki with chewy tako inside, sour sweet sauce and dancing grated dried fish :9

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Matsumoto is one of many transit city in Japan. Here when I came from Tokyo and headed to Osaka, My bus needed to stop because Tokyo and Osaka is too far. How to describe Matsumoto is just small and tidy city. It became so empty and silent although it was still 8 P.M.... Since their population only about 245.000 people, no wonder if its happenned. I had no idea what to do but this "empty" city, evidenly have some quite interesting things to do. LET's EXPLORE!

Castle that also known as Crow castle because of its black domain colous, is the main attraction of Matsumoto. Long long time ago, There is a strong domain in every city and then They built castle for their own defense. You cannot enter the castle, but if you come here at night, you will see beautiful reflection of its castle

Onsen, or Japanese traditional hot spring, maybe mostly famous in Kawaguchi or Mount Fuji area, but actually in every mountains area in Japan there are lots of Onsen place. And here, the one that I visited in Nagisa Life Site, I totally forgot the onsen's name since it was written in kanji -_- If you want to come here, just tell taxi, nagisa life site :) I never did onsen before so I was so exciting!! When I came in, it was so warm, I took a deep breath and I was in love with its greentea fragrance . Here there's a machine for you choosing package that you want ( unfortunately I totally blind with choices so my friend helped). It priced about ¥ 700, so cheap right? There's no limit, you can do onsen as long as you can, And you'll die cause of dehidration :P LOL. After got the ticket from the machine, I went to the reception to take my towel, and taaaaaaa I came in to a huge changing rooms row, well from here to the onsen pool YOU DONT ALLOWED TO TAKE PHOTOS, because lots of people NAKED!!!! HAHA. And I will teach you how to do onsen? (1)Take off all your clothes and put it in locker in changing room. Happy Starting Naked guys, I know it's weird  and uncomfortable but you'll be habituated soon (2)Rinse your body, here in Nagisa, they provides soaps and shampoo, so you'll feel cleaner :p (3) Dip your feet in a small pool, too make sure it's totally clean before you enter the pool. (4) Enter the pool slowly! because the temprature of the water is about 40'c so It will shock your body if you enter it too hurry, here in Nagisa there are 2 big pool and 4 small cup pools ( for 1 person) outdoor and 2 big pool and 1 milk pool inside (5) Dont take it too long!  Maybe about 20-30 minutes is enough, if you already done, don't rinse your body because some mineral contains in water maybe good for your skin.

still in Nagisa Life Site, I found it YEYY!! Actually there are lots of Sega in Japan, no wonder since it made in Japan. I have known sega since I was in elementry school, I remembered when I was in 1st grade, my mom gave me nintendo sega as my birthday give with mario bros game, Now it's already broken :P Here on the first floor, you'll find claw machines and cartoon ball machines and on the second floor, it's maybe more boyish games , like tekken,time crisis, and many more.