Thursday, October 29, 2015


About 2 months ago, i looked a poster by Seoul goverment said looking for new brand for Seoul. After long time using "HI SEOUL" as their brand and its time for the new one and i searched about it in the internet and the winner will get ₩30,000,000 or around IDR 300,000,000 CRAYYYYYY so ... i decided to join HAHA i made a brand but totally not good just for fun. And the next month, they sent me a message, Goverment will do a public voting for it and unfortunately i didn't win but i can share my vote for 3 top brand chosen.
I received an invitation SUPER AMAZING YOU KNOW! It made in a suit shape and "hand-writing" inside crayyy! Just cant imagine how they write it one by one

And here 7 pm in City hall, thousand people gathered for voting the new seoul brand. First we had to registered our self and showed our id.

And I GOT FREE MUFFIN & AMERICANO! by tomntoms coffee super yummy fluffy muffin ♡ and i also got a goodie bag ( forget the picture) inside had a blanket, hotpack, light stick, the goverment must be know it gonna be super cold so they gave these things and finally i found out it super useful SO DAMN COLD FREEZZZINGGG
After voting, the winner is 
it is my favorite brand! Super simple and elegant. But the one that i was curious, the winner didnt even show happy face like they know already they gonna win. Bzz
After winner chosen, these were what everybody waiting for, K-POP performances. Here ( i dont know the kpop band name) these white-cloth-guys, BTS, AOA, & Red velvet ♡ i heart redvelvet the most super cute! 
Overall is great except super cold wind. Congratulation Seoul for having a new brand. Hope jakarta can be as great as Seoul goverment, they are super care about things that make foreigner happy LOL

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Last week, i was super stressful and i decided to eat alot. After done work, me and ci put went to hongdae to eat BBQ all-you-can-eat. And we tried one place name, MEAT-ING located across daiso, hongdae
All you can eat
₩11900 day / ₩13900 night
Limited for 1,5 hours only
Well.... it's quite good tho but just okey lah
Taste 7.5/10

You can find many types of meat, pork belly, pork neck,pork skin, marinated pork belly, smoke duck, chicken and beef. All frozen dont expect any fresh meat with those price but for you big appetite guys have a try lah no regrets hehehehe


SALAD bar, korean type side dish, kimchi of course

And also you can eat twikim, korean style fritters, fried dumpling, sweet potato,potato wedges, rice and soup!

Dont leave everything! Or they will charge you ₩2000/anything. Will review another all-you-can-eat restaurant in hongdae next time! Ciao

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Today i just got my day off again! So this is one of ( i think) autumn must visit place. It called HANEUL PARK, located inside the area of World cup park ( because actually they have around 5 parks in total) but Haneul is the most visited because it Super beautiful! Especially in Autumn season. It is very famous with park full of Eulalia ( kinda wild grass) and also Sunflower and other flowers ♡ 
From the train station actually it quite bit far, you have to cross the street and walk until you find a bridge ( upright photo) and then strooling those stairsssss, nothing beautiful comes easy right. You can see world cup stadium, hangang river, and Seoul from up!
It took me around 30 minutes from World cup stadium to Haneul Park statue, There you can find an information centre, so you can take a map. You also already can see all beautiful grassy area, prepair your battery guys!
Most pictures that i saw on instagram are SUNFLOWERS or in Korean called 해바라기, haebaragi. It located from the main road, just go straight to the end and turn right. It is useless if you asked locals like they also dont know where it is. But too bad mostly of the flowers already lossed. So i think the best time come here is around the end of september ~ early october