Sunday, October 11, 2015

[KOREA] 569th HANGULDAY 2015

Hangul day is Korea holiday, celebration for their alphabeth born. And this year it was turning 569! Not so old right. Lil history about Hangul, it was made by King Sejong the Great, the best king along Korean dynasty. Long long time ago, Korea used Hanja ( based on Chinese Hanzi) super difficult and complicated, not all Korean could read and write, so he thought how to make Korean easier learn by everybody and after long researched with other oldish minister, They created Hangul.

And this time, i joint my korean class event by Korea Foundation Myeongdong. One day Hangul tour museum and not only that they made super exciting day! Ever! So we gathered in Exit 2, Ichon MRT station line 4. Outthere all teachers already line up, waiting for us and after re-registered, i got a t-shirt and nametag. We devided into groups with around 7 persons & 2 teachers inside. 
Super beautiful lake in the middle of museum

so here actually there are 2 museum, national museum and hangul museum, and first we got a clue, we must go to national museum looking for a scupture based on the picture, take picture and draw it! Later one of your group member must make a presentation about this
They provided lunch box super colorful eye candy sandwich with fried tofu bag rice and fruits. How lovely♡

it was my favorite time ever! Here you can enjoy free Korean music performance, free D.I.Y stamp, write your name in hangul, and hit the ddeok (Korean rice cake) and many other interesting stands 
and last activities we got inside Hangul museum, here inside an auditorium, a special teacher teached us Korean songs, coloring your own mask 탈 and we also learned how to do Mask dance 탈춤 super fun and new knowledgr about Korean culture!
Super exciting day ever! Now i felt well-educated LOL HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA but shame on me like all group members speak Korean very well and i am not :"( Hope with this event my Korean improves! Ciao!

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