Saturday, October 3, 2015


Just today, i went to yeoido hangang park with friends for attending "SEOUL INTERNATIONAL FIREWORKS 2015" it helds only once a year around early October and it super spectacular event to put on your must-to-do Seoul list. Super big event because combination of 3 firework artists, Korea, USA, and Philippine.

I suggest you come here earlier because at noon PEOPLE JUST SO MUCH ( NOT MANY) it felt like you are trapped inside underground and trying to escape before zombie eat your soul #whateverhana. SUPER CROWDSSSSSS because it is saturdate yess many couples and also families. I worked today so I reached yeoinaru Station around 7 PM and its like this picture below. Everybody did selfie around the crowd.
After went out from the Station, it was dark and super super crowded. Make sure to pay attention if you make a meet up with friends because its kinda super hard. Just follow other people and walked to side of the river to see the fireworks closer. Here they have some different areas, ENERGY, LOVE, HOPE & JOY different area different themes of fireworks and we chose Love since it was saturday HAHA
SO MANY KOREAN BUILT TEND well they do camping here, mats like everywhere, dont worry if you want to sit but dont bring your own mat because so many people sell it woth cheap price around ₩2000 and also so many food vendor, kimbab, manjo hana, grilled cuttlefish, drinks, and many more
It super wonderful and lots of fun, felt like new year ( really) so many people on the street, super big fireworks, but without trumpets and people yelling happy new year. Unfortunately, i didnt there until finish because i was scared so many people around and i coulnt go home HAHA hope can go back for this event next year ciao!

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