Monday, September 28, 2015


One of must visit place in Seoul, INSADONG famous with this old traditional thing shops. Here you can find everything traditional about Korea, classic painting, traditional souvenirs, home-made postcard and paper fan, and many more. And like house hold, glass or plate. It super long road and has many small alley along the street, take a rest after long stroll in some unique small cafe.
There is also an open- air shopping mall? I actually dont know it mall or what HAHA this 4-floor- building has so many cute local brand shops selling unique stuffs, home made craft, hanbok ( korean traditional clothes) photobox or enjoying korean famous shit cake in shit (ppong) cafe on top.
Fence your love here, write some love note and hang it there
Compared with modern coffee shop, i suggest you to go here, teaditional cafe with super old homey korean design, sit on the floor, herb smell what can be more peacefull than here? You can order famous korean traditional dessert, PATBINGSU (korean ice flakes), traditional coffee tea, or snacks like DDEOK ( korean rice cakes)
well it kinda pricey with small portion but it totally worth. Overflooded ricecake and redbean, poured with condensed milk, Best combination
Taste 9/10
one of suler famous traditional tea flavour, OMIJA means 5-flavoured-tea. It made from wild berries fermented in honey so it tasted sweet, bitter, salty,spicy, and sour but sour and bitter are more dominated. Very good for your health

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