Monday, September 28, 2015


If you have read before i wrote about Tteokpokki town, " i love sindangdong" restaurant with their speciality, jjajangtteokpokki, Last holiday i tried another restaurant with my boyfie, located across i love sindangdong named, MABOKRIM  HALMONI TTEOKPOKKI
Well here is quite traditional they only serve Classic tteokpokki, no other flavour and no cheese or anything "upgrade tteokpokki" so we ordered this
2 person serves 두인분

They have everything tteokpokki ( ofcourse ) spaghetti, ramyeon, lots of fish cakes, 2 eggs, some drugs fried mandu ( because it super good) and spring onion on top. Well it tasted classic just good nothing special quite spicy and sweating while eating because the table super small and the pan super big hottie stove haha
Taste 8/10
Good but me prefered jjajangtteokpokki have a try guys!

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