Thursday, December 17, 2015


Well i discovered this cake store from instagram super famous with its strawberry fresh cream cake. And i found it out in Hongdae. Chefs actually graduated from Le gordon blue london no wonder their cake is super delish. Even small store but it super unique decoration and homey feels.
with croissant pie based it became my #1 fave pie based super crispy and tasty combined with chocolate fudge filling and fresh raspberry on top. All just wonderful except small portion with quite pricey price
Taste 9/10

they also have lots of types of cookies. I bought choco cookies and pie cookies both great simple and not too sweet

BEST BROWNIES EVER!!! super fudgy with crispy walnut inside and for cheese souffle super soft MEEEE SUPER LIKE
Taste 10/10
( price doesnt know) 
And last week, celebrated my friend birthday we bought this cheese cake SUPER SUPERRRRRBB and they has strawberry syrup and chocolate on it. Salty and sweet and the same time
Taste 9.5/10

Overall, this shop is super yummy gonna be back for other dessert ♡ CIAO

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Last time with friends we bought a voucher from, similar in Indonesia like disdus something like that so many Korean restaurant with special voucher and also cheap stuffs. And then we decided how about Buffet dinner sounds interesting and fancy LOL and we bought D'MARIS for ₩24000 with the normal price should be ₩48000 SO CHEAP RIGHT! 

Actually D'maris has many branches but thia voucher only can be used in Bucheon branch. We walk around 10 mins from Jungdong MRT station located in 2nd floor. We came in I SUPER SUPER SUPER OVERWELMED SUPER FANCY YET MOUTH WATERING!!

so for japanese they have lots of kind of sushi, tempura, and the best SASHIMI WOOOOHOOOOO i ate like 6 plates :"" super happy yaaaaa because sushi in Korea expensive hik for taste it super yummy and fresh. They also have curry and soup but so-so laaa
Taste 9/10

Muscles,prawn,oyster and crab you can find here but i was not into it because im not a big fan of cold seafood 
Taste 7/10

MY FAVORITE BOOTH! So here they serves steak, i dont know which part of beef but it super tender and seems like expensive cut and also serves with potato wedges, veggie, and mushroom sauce! 
Taste 10/10

so here have dimsum, mostly like mandu, korean dumpling, and steambun not really special. You also can find other korean-chinese food, like tangsuyuk, fried noodle, and stir pork
Taste 8/10

well it super fancy complete dessert side ever, they have lots kind of cakes, chocolate, macaroon, fresh fruit ( even tropical fruit rambutan and mangosteen), icecream, and THE BEST CHOCO FONDUE!
Taste 9/10
They also have Korean side for banchan and rice, Drink side for coffee,tea, and juices, Italian side for pasta and soup, and also sometimes they have special menu like fresh baked soup in bread or other special thing you will know when they ring a bell HAHA

Overall it super worthit and some people said every branch has different food served, cant wait to try other brach! ciao!