Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The best month all of year reached the climax! 

Well this christmas was so special, because i spent it with my precious mamidut, lil brother, and... boyfie♡ Actually i felt uncompleted because papidut still on duty and eveline in china but its okay, i still surrounded by christmas joy.

On 24th, Hendra picked me up at the office and you know what we gonna had sleepover and present exchange. But before that we went to church together. Not wait for long, my watch showed 00:00, i gave him a plastic bag of special stuffs that i bought at Line store Everland. And he gave me a small batik bag, when i opened it.....
Ughhhh too cuteeee ♡♡♡♡♡♡
He made me himself very first vinyl reindeer toy, drawing book, and personal christmas card.

" when it comes to december, it's obvious why. No one to be alone at christmas time"
- john mayer ♡

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Playing at everland? MAINSTREAM. I just lose my spirit to play after hear that T-express, my most favorite ride closed damn! Then...... something attracted myself and that is newly opened LINE STORE. I stood with opened mouth #overreacted mennnnnnn too cute to be true huhuhu  I just cant hold myself to come in. But first lemme took some photos with brown and cony outside mihihihi ♡♡♡♡ and then i walked in the store. I stared whole store Woaaahhhhhh speechless. I just totally lose myself. Many gigantic line characters, cute christmas decoration, notes, line ranger dolls, and more more cute stuffffsssssss. I spent like about 1.5 hours here? Haha i bought brown and cony t-shirt ₩23000, brown head pillow ₩22000, and "iloveyou" 3d card ₩3500. Thanks god! I spent lots of money #loh? I just felt too hedon here. So i forced myself to go HAAHAHAHA i am surely will come back and buy something again when i have a chance. CIAO! ~

[KOREA] Let it snow!

Nami nami nami! Continue my winter duty trip to korea. YESSSSSSS other face of nami island. Drop by here in -13 degree celcius so cold like hell, even the river almost freezed. Grilled my all time favorite chicken 닥갈비 only need about 15 minutes i ate all pretty savory chicken SO YUMMY!!! After i left guests for photo time, i just couldn't handle this weather, i sat in library coffee shop and warmed my body. After got my normal body temprature, i bought hotteok 호떡, it's a korean traditional pancake with brown sugar filling, so great for winter weather, hot and sweet :9 After full-tank my stomach, i went around and played snow like a crazy child. Wuuuuu so happy other chance finding snow :3

Monday, December 22, 2014


HELLYEAH! biggest rave party event in Jakarta was be held on 12 & 13th December 2014 ! DJAKARTA WAREHOUSE PROJECT. Thanks God this year, I had a chance to come. I bought ticket online, 2-day-pass for only 900K by using BCA promo 10% discount. So so so excited! The venue is in Ji-Expo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, so happy only 15 minutes from my apartment in Gajah Mada. 

Thanks to my office mate, Kak Novi, who took my DWP's bracelet in Gandaria City. Gila I just cant imagine took it by myself to South Jakarta, traffic jam would kill me on the way there.

I went home fast from office and excitely prepared some stuff that "must" bring to DWP. Some tips for you all that doing rave party, FIRST use comfy wear! no need proper HAHA since it rave party sexier is better HAHA, SECOND use small bag to bring phone and cash, if you want to bring some changed clothes its ok, there's some pay locker, THIRD full charge our gadget and bring power bank, dont miss moments cause by dead battery, FORTH go wild LOL

My parents dropped me off near JiExpo gate and no need too far to walk, I found the entrance gate. The officer scanned my bracelet and PARTY STARTED BABY!!!! Lots of DJ here but from 2 days, the king of my heart is SKRILLEX MENNNNNNN best closing ever! even steve aoki, showtek, steve angello, and other DJ artist just so-so for me.

Beside enjoying loud music, there are lots of things that I have done And here's 

"G" round swing, so creative so eye cathing, no lazy coach but its totally excepted LOL

Cant totally move and think while hungry. Even we can do culinary here ! Ismaya group provides its best restaurants, such Sushi Groove, Fook yew, Kitchennete, Ismaya cathering co. , Pizza e Birra and many more! Unique thing is we didnt use cash, but we had to buy token for all food and drink. 1 Blue Token = Rp 40,000 for normal food and drink & 1 Silver Token = Rp 400,000 for liquor. For food price around 1.5-2 token and drinks 1 token.

actully its cigarette booth, and i'm not a smoker but but here all narsism people favorite, PHOTO BOOTH YES!! by posting photo in instagram using hastag #ggrounddwp14, it will directly connect to photo printer and taa-daa your photo printed!

My last favorite! by follow @aquareflection in instagram, I got Aqua towel, paper hand fan? I meant like kipas gitu, and 4in1 voucher. FREE 1 glass aqua reflection, sparkling mocktail, photobooth, and recharge booth. Woohooooo crazy dehidration nothing when you come to this booth. 

well bye