Thursday, December 18, 2014


HELLOO! its already 3rd advent week! Christmas is getting closer. Well now i'm on my duty trip again to Korea! Departed on 15th dec by asiana airlines, and we took a domestic flight to Jeju island as our first destination. First meal that we had was SUNDUBU JJIGAE 순두부찌개 ( Korean tofu soup ) wah! Cold weather super spicy sour tofu soup succeed made my stomatche wanna explodeddd! So yummy!

As Jeju island is famous with its tangerine, we visited a Tangerine plantation. WIHHHHH  from september to december always be perff time for tangerine harvest. Beautiful oranges close by snow. We called it ES-JERUK ( Snow-Orange) hahahaa

And then we took our 1.5 hours flight to Jeju. Weather was so bad like crayyy, thunder and storm shaked our flight HAHA thank God we were totally safe. We directly went to Seongsan Sunrise peak and [MAGER] i just stuck and amazed with much much snow around and AGAIN we ate. Now we had GALBITANG 갈비탕 ( Korean beef ribs soup ) Mennnnnnnnn so savory and found some suprised clear chewy noodle inside the soup ♡♡♡ me and after got lots of energy we stupidly built a snowman and sang Frozen's song like a autism children HAHAA

Next destination is Teddy bear Museum. Well... its been our many times here. So we just waited outside and then decided to EAT AGAIN since crazy winter always makes our lovrly tummy hungry all the time. We bought ODEN 오덴 and TTEOKPOKKI 떡볶이 and still..... felt hungry menn

DINNER TIME! Its been our 4th time in a day -> EAT. Men... you all cant imagine our stomach, cant you? Haha. We had HANJEONGSIK 한정시 ( Korean Set Menu ) ugh ugh ugh pork belly, grilled macarel, and steam egg in a table men and lots of side dishes! FOR THIS TIME i could eat a full bowl of rice HAHAHAA

Finally the night was came and we went to Nanta theather to drop off our guest there and we had to wait like 1.5hours till the show is over. Me and Mey ( my friend) looed for a coffee shop and this cray village didnt have it until We found a lil newly opened coffee shop named OMEGI. They sell freshly made milk ice cream as their speciality. We ordered  MIKI ICE CREAM 미기미기 & ICED AMERICANO 아이수아메리가노 for price yaaa like regular coffee shop around ₩3500~₩5000. what suprising was the ice cream. Its totally Great! Tasted like super fresh milk transform into icecream with simple sweet and vanilla taste 대박!

and im promised it will be the last for my jeju story..... STARBUCKS! standard bla bla bla. Im totally interesting with 2015 planner since it SBUCKS X MOLESKINE. Well i just newly know "cool" pricey notebook from my boyfriend *norak* and do you pay attention on my word? I HAVE A BOYFRIEND HAHAHAHAHAAH ok this food and travel blog hana not a diary okok skip it. 2 thing my favorite in Korea Starbucks especially in jeju. I got my HOT JEJU GREENTEA TALL ₩3500 and CLASSIC CHOCOLATE CAKE ₩4500. gosh gosh gosh best starbucks combination i ever had! The chocolate cake is totally bitter from dark chocolate hmm texture like brownies but softer and chocolate mousse on top and hot light greentea ugh ugh best thing for closing the day!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! night in Korea never complete without chicken and beer and hellyeah here near my hotel, there is KYOCHON well norak because there are some store in Indonesia but different TASTE & SIZE here so yummy and tasty! oh ya here a bucket of chicken price  ₩15000. More expensive but totally worth it!

Stilllll more more more things that I eat on my winter duty trip to Korea! ♡♡ CIAO!

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