Friday, February 19, 2016


Last winter, i came with my sister to Korea's china town, and i just found a unique street... well actually before i saw this first time in youtube when someone made videoabout ice cream jajangmyeon but i never realized that located in Incheon area. It such a colorful village, kinda mural village but it more into cartoon and animation. SO KYOOOTTTT you also can find lots of cafe with unique theme, beautiful photo spots, and rainbow stairs. But i just amazed how hard people who made all of these stuff became true, since so much realistic display like cartoonize ( is it right?) Tree, dolls, and characthers BAKSOO .

How to go :
Incheon MRT Station exit 2 (line 1)
38, Donghwamaeul-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 동화마을길 38 (송월동3가) 일대

귀엽죠? So cute right! Come here if you come around Incheon area ♡


Chinese like everywhere and also here in Seoul HAHA well actually not seoul, famous Korean China town located in Incheon. Maybe before i posted about Daerim, chinese area in Seoul, but it little bit different each other, in Daerim it super real Chinese from china, but here in Incheon mostly half Korean-Chinese ( huaciao). 

How to go there :
인천 Incheon MRT Station line 1

OMGGGGG IT IS THE CLEANEST CHINATOWN EVER hahaahahaha so clean and all decorated in red and gold. You can find so many chinese restaurants with super lovely chinese decoration. Almost all restaurants sell 짜장면 jajangmyeon, korean black bean paste noodle and 탕수육 tangsuyuk, sweet sour fried pork. Totally identity of Korean-Chinese resto. Beside restaurant, you also can find also temple, park, and chinese forum office 
For me temple, and the other chinese stuff not as important as FOOD YES RIGHT! I found some interesting street food and super lovely
Dorayaki look-a-like 
They have 3 flavours, 팥pat or red bean, 그림치즈 cream cheese, and 망고 mango. I didnt try mango because i was scared it weird taste, but i love CREAM CHEESEEEEEEE OMG!! so soft♡ like it
Taste 10/10
Takoyaki based, egg, toppings topped with mayonaisse, sweet sauce and dried fish.
Really it really tasted like takoyaki but in bigger size WOOH inside you can choose the topping whether bacon, shrimp, or octopus ♡
Taste 10/10

China town is one of must visit place! Add to your reference Ciao!


Maybe you know Korean Theme Park such everland or lotte world, but here my friend told me another one, compared to theme park it looked more like carnival. Located in Incheon area right across Incheon airport island, here is WOLMIDO.

How to go :
Incheon MRT Station line 1
Right infront the station take bus no.02 get off last stop Wolmido
it look .... like an abandoned park fun but scary at the same time HAHAHAA so here evertime you want to play something you have to buy ticket first, each game has different price around ₩5000~10000. Dare to try? hahaha i spent my "₩10000" on claw machine HAHAAHA here so many claw machinesss and so tempting, dolls are so cute! And has larva of course!!!
If you already getting bored with the games, you can walk along beautiful seashore ( am i right?) So many seagulls super beautiful and peace ♡ you also can do railbike or take a boat.

New experience exploring Incheon area :3 will come here again next time!
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