Friday, February 19, 2016


Maybe you know Korean Theme Park such everland or lotte world, but here my friend told me another one, compared to theme park it looked more like carnival. Located in Incheon area right across Incheon airport island, here is WOLMIDO.

How to go :
Incheon MRT Station line 1
Right infront the station take bus no.02 get off last stop Wolmido
it look .... like an abandoned park fun but scary at the same time HAHAHAA so here evertime you want to play something you have to buy ticket first, each game has different price around ₩5000~10000. Dare to try? hahaha i spent my "₩10000" on claw machine HAHAAHA here so many claw machinesss and so tempting, dolls are so cute! And has larva of course!!!
If you already getting bored with the games, you can walk along beautiful seashore ( am i right?) So many seagulls super beautiful and peace ♡ you also can do railbike or take a boat.

New experience exploring Incheon area :3 will come here again next time!
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