Tuesday, December 23, 2014

[KOREA] Let it snow!

Nami nami nami! Continue my winter duty trip to korea. YESSSSSSS other face of nami island. Drop by here in -13 degree celcius so cold like hell, even the river almost freezed. Grilled my all time favorite chicken 닥갈비 only need about 15 minutes i ate all pretty savory chicken SO YUMMY!!! After i left guests for photo time, i just couldn't handle this weather, i sat in library coffee shop and warmed my body. After got my normal body temprature, i bought hotteok 호떡, it's a korean traditional pancake with brown sugar filling, so great for winter weather, hot and sweet :9 After full-tank my stomach, i went around and played snow like a crazy child. Wuuuuu so happy other chance finding snow :3

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