Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Playing at everland? MAINSTREAM. I just lose my spirit to play after hear that T-express, my most favorite ride closed damn! Then...... something attracted myself and that is newly opened LINE STORE. I stood with opened mouth #overreacted mennnnnnn too cute to be true huhuhu  I just cant hold myself to come in. But first lemme took some photos with brown and cony outside mihihihi ♡♡♡♡ and then i walked in the store. I stared whole store Woaaahhhhhh speechless. I just totally lose myself. Many gigantic line characters, cute christmas decoration, notes, line ranger dolls, and more more cute stuffffsssssss. I spent like about 1.5 hours here? Haha i bought brown and cony t-shirt ₩23000, brown head pillow ₩22000, and "iloveyou" 3d card ₩3500. Thanks god! I spent lots of money #loh? I just felt too hedon here. So i forced myself to go HAAHAHAHA i am surely will come back and buy something again when i have a chance. CIAO! ~

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