Saturday, October 3, 2015


After treated my eye with fireworks, now time for my belly. Super hungry and my friends took me to a fast food japanese restaurant named, HUNGRY TIGER. It has super similar concept with Yoshinoya in Japan, super simple beef bowl with fast serving methods. 

Firstly, We have to order using a machine, choose your menu, size, set/alacarte, payment methods ( they accept back notes and credit card) and after you get the receipt, give it to the waiter and they will serve your food less than 5 minutes so fast haha
beef bowl topped with melting cheese ( mini size)
So simple yet yummy, but compared to Yoshinoya it not as flavourful as that. Lil bit pricey because of few slices of beef but overflooded cheese ( because cheese is cheap in korea) the one that i loved here, because of the banchan ( korean sidedish) They serve kimchi and salted lil fish with peanut which all you can eat in the table YEAHH korean free service :3 
Taste 8/10
Overall i liked it but i think for lunch, i should order the big size because the small size actually not enough to fulfill my fat belly HAHA CIAO!

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