Thursday, October 8, 2015


This time i just tried one restaurant in Sinchon. This super yumm named  맛있는순두부김치찜, or delicious kimchi and soft tofu stew. What make i came here, is because they served something special for crazy eater :3 what's that?
So just choose you favorite jjijae or stew, then they served ALL YOU CAN EAT RAW EGG & KIM ( dried seaweed) and also free flow side dishes and rice HAHAAHA :3 rice and kim is more than enough for me. Because me and my friend supee like kim, we ate it one box full until its empty but for egg we just had one.
korean sweet ribs with kimchi stew
OMG my comfort food, super cool outside and this tasted super lovely like sweet, spicy, salty in one! Creamy taste from raw egg yolk. ♡♡♡
Taste 10/10
Surely will come back here for trying another taste ♡ 


  1. Halo boleh minta panduan ke restoran ini gk? Thankyou 😊

    1. halo! sorry baru reply! dari sinchon station exit 2/3 kamu jalan aja terus samapai ketemu kaya merah yang besar bgt terus liat ada nature republic ikutin belokan lurus aja nanti itu jalan terus sampai liat miniso lurus lagi gaa jauh dari sana :) seberangnya art box