Thursday, October 29, 2015


About 2 months ago, i looked a poster by Seoul goverment said looking for new brand for Seoul. After long time using "HI SEOUL" as their brand and its time for the new one and i searched about it in the internet and the winner will get ₩30,000,000 or around IDR 300,000,000 CRAYYYYYY so ... i decided to join HAHA i made a brand but totally not good just for fun. And the next month, they sent me a message, Goverment will do a public voting for it and unfortunately i didn't win but i can share my vote for 3 top brand chosen.
I received an invitation SUPER AMAZING YOU KNOW! It made in a suit shape and "hand-writing" inside crayyy! Just cant imagine how they write it one by one

And here 7 pm in City hall, thousand people gathered for voting the new seoul brand. First we had to registered our self and showed our id.

And I GOT FREE MUFFIN & AMERICANO! by tomntoms coffee super yummy fluffy muffin ♡ and i also got a goodie bag ( forget the picture) inside had a blanket, hotpack, light stick, the goverment must be know it gonna be super cold so they gave these things and finally i found out it super useful SO DAMN COLD FREEZZZINGGG
After voting, the winner is 
it is my favorite brand! Super simple and elegant. But the one that i was curious, the winner didnt even show happy face like they know already they gonna win. Bzz
After winner chosen, these were what everybody waiting for, K-POP performances. Here ( i dont know the kpop band name) these white-cloth-guys, BTS, AOA, & Red velvet ♡ i heart redvelvet the most super cute! 
Overall is great except super cold wind. Congratulation Seoul for having a new brand. Hope jakarta can be as great as Seoul goverment, they are super care about things that make foreigner happy LOL

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