Monday, August 24, 2015


Taejongdae is one of must visit places in Busan. The named itself came from King Taejong in Silla Kingdom. He has travelled to many places but this was his favorite place to shoot arrows, so as you can see, it has like a sign red and blue that looks like arrow. It also has a light house, if the sky is not gloomy, you can see Japan island from the top of light house. 

It has very beautiful scenery but it took around 3 house for the whole journey from main gate to light house and back #karenahanagendutjalanannyalama

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
24 Jeongmangro, 2 i-dong Dongsam, Yeongdo-gu, Busan

How to get here:
From BUSAN MRT STATION, Take a Bus 88/101 To Taejongdae,
Get off at Taejongdae, Go straight until you find the main gate, and just follow the track to lighthouse

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