Monday, August 24, 2015


Ok this market gonna be so tricky. In short story, we took a busan map and we decided to do market tour around nampo-dong area. After looked around gukje market we continued to another market and in the map, Bupyeong and Kkangtong are different. So we took around bupyeong first, from information that i browsed kkatong opens at night and after did culinary in bupyeong and went to other place, around 7 pm, we came back to the area to find kkangtong. We were so confused until we found out that those both are the same, damn fool story HAHA

Actually they are same, named Bupyeong Kkangtong market but for some area known as kkangtong, many food street and shop open at night so in the morning till noon usually Bupyeong area has more opened shops.

We found a steamed bun shop, in Korea they called in 왕만두 wang mandu or king dumpling because it looks like dumpling but in giant size but actually they are steam buns. Inside there are kimchi, pork, and red bean filling. So cheap with that giant size only costs ₩1000
Taste 9/10

And here in Bupyeong market, famous with their tteokpokki and twikim ( frieds) the special menu in Busan is fried flat dumpling. For tteokpokki it prices around ₩3000, twikim and oden ₩600/pieces
Taste 8/10

And usually after sun goes down around 7 / 8 (because it summer) all the lights turn on and voila~ it becomes Kkangtong market. SOOOO MANY FOODS #drolldroll #hanaserakahdangumoh. But too bad, we couldnt try all because we had eaten something before we came here. In the middle of the street of the market, also held like bazzar so it became super narrow crowded way.

While we was walking around, we saw a fried chicken restaurant which super crowded with long queue customers. So we were so curious and decided to try. It names GEOIN TONGDAK or fried chicken.

I looked it very unique, they mix thin slices chicken, with flour and water in a mixer and then fried it twice for maximum crispiness. You can choose whether you want it 오리기날original taste,양념(yangnyeom) sweet spicy, or 반반 (panpan) halfhalf. It costs around ₩16000. We were not curious anymore, it totally super crunchy and savory but for me KYOCHON #1 in my heart lol
Taste 8.5/10


another unique street food shop. They only sell rice wrapped with bacon and topped with slices kimchi, simple but it tastes heavenly!
Taste 9/10

Well this market is the best market so far in Busan, me personally like it. Many kinds of food, and unique one others. Hope can go back here soon!

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
68-9 Bupyeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Busan

How to get here:
By Train, Jagalchi MRT Station exit 7,
The first alley from exit turn left, passing 3 cross road, it's on your left, Across Gukje Market

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