Monday, August 24, 2015


You never visited Busan if you dont try DWAEJIGUKBAB, or pork rice soup. It super famous in Busan, you can find it like everywhere. So here after long train from city center in nampo-dong, we arrived at Haeundae beach area around 8pm and super hungry! And we found this restaurant that look like never empty from customers. Then we ordered, #1must order is dwaejigukbab and another i just randomly ordered HAHAAHAH because I didnt understand what it is

pork soup with rice
₩ 7000
well its like a hot bowl of pork and thick broth and how to eat is you put all of the rice inside the hotbowl, mix and eat it together, OMGGGGG this is super delissshhh, the broth is super savory and thick like maybe they made it for super long time and pork slices inside is super tender.
Taste 10/10

Boiled pork with dwaeji gukbab combo
WOOHOOO i just suprised with this mennn men only ₩1500 more expensive but you get slices of extra pork. Well this pork is different with pork slices inside the soup. This is gorgeous! ♡♡♡♡♡
Taste 10++++++/10

Well, it was beyond my expectation ♡ grest dinner so far. Until i found an gukbab alley ( also in haeundae area), they only sell dwaejigukbab for around ₩4000... why so cheap but i was regret nothing, price has quality right ? ;)

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
543-3 U 1(il)-dong, Haeundae, Busan

How to get here:
By Train, Haeundae MRT Station Exit 5
Go straight ahead

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