Monday, August 24, 2015


Busan International Film Festival
One the most famous event in busan always held every october. But know i dont want to review about that event. Last visit to Busan, we found BIFF SQUARE. Before i didnt know whats this all i know this square has LOTS OF STREET FOOD HAHAAHA here you can go to daeyong cinema, or shopping around.

After you entered the main gate of BIFF SQUARE right across jagalchi market, just go straight ahead till you can found one shop in the corner of cross road, sell ALMIGHTY FISH MEATBALLS

it looks super super giant! 
₩2000/each or ₩10000 for 6
Cheese, Shrimp, Curry, Hot, Potato, Friedfishwasabi

yes they has 6 different filling and all is yummy. Eating seafood-contain-food in Busan will never disappointing you because Busan is the biggest seafood producer in Korea.

Right in front of the shop, you can see many red-yellow umbrella, yess that's the street food! Actually all city in Korea has pretty similar street food like toppoki or hotteok but usually every region has their different little magic dust hihihi 

In busan, it is super famous and i never find it in Seoul. In seoul, you only get a hotteok with sweet melthing brown sugar inside, but in Busan they called it SIAT or konglish or SEED, because after done fried, they cut middle area using scissor and adding generous amount of mix seed, sun flower seed, some peanut ( maybe?) So it not only sweet but crunchy and savory so yummy!
Taste 10/10 

Cant ever you resist any food with red chilli sauce??? Hihihih omg omg omg i felt in love the first time i saw it. This ahjumma sells toppoki and mainstream toppoki friends, odeng and sundae but i didnt know why it looks so good.

well it quite pricey tho but it just looked so sexy HAHAHA the sundae is very good damn chewy and toppoki is super giant 5x times bigger than seoul's and some fish cake slices
Taste 9/10

Super fat big fried mandu with pork filling 
Taste 8 /10

fried tofu pocket
One of "Busan must eat" list is delicious. Fried tofu fill with pork ( i think it the same filling with mandu) and then boiled in spicy jochujang soup so yummy and because when we ate, it was raining so jadi more gimana gitu HAHAAHAHA 
Taste 8.5/10

BIFF square is a great shopping street with yummy street food from here we will continue to another eat street
You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
58-1 Gudeok-ro, Jung-gu, Busan

How to get here:
By Train, Jagalchi MRT Station exit 7
go straight until you find a BIFF Gate on your left, turn left and enjoy!

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