Thursday, August 27, 2015


Hey hey hey this was where we stayed during our Busan trip. Actually we planned stay in the hostel but because it summer and peak season in Busan, so it was so hard looking for reasonable accomodation for backpacker budget. So we decided to stay in Jimjilbang. And one of the best jimjilbang sauna in Busan, named HAEUNDAE SPA CENTER.

We arrived here at night always around 10/11PM. this building is not hard to be found. The receptionist located on 4th floor, so first you go to the 4th floor, for paying your stay. It costs
  ₩10000 for 12 hours stay.

after that, for 여자 yeoja,woman, you can directly go inside locker and changing clothes area since it is in the same floor with receptionist but for 남자 namja, man you have to take a stairs to 5th floor. In this area you can put youe belongings, take a shower, dip your body in a hot pool area and all cleaning activities. Then after done....
Inside locker area they have private elevator to 6th floor, jjimjilbang area. So you can meet your partner here. I suggest you dont take shower to long becauce... YOU WON'T GET ELECTRIC PLUG! hahahaha in summer, so many people in jimjilbang and mostly younger so they will take an area with electric plug because no handphone battery no life right HAHAHA

when you get out from the elevator, come to an ahjumma, she will give you 2 blanket for sleeping mat and a super hard pillow. #waktunyangegelar. But if not comfortable, you also can use massage chair as your bed, that was what i saw 
In jimjilbang, you can bring your face mask from home or just buy here ( they also sell it) after done dipin hot pool or hot sauna room, you have to use it to re-moisturize your face

HUNGRY? dont worry, in jimjilbang area, there is a small cafe in the corner of the room. It sells regular jimjilbang snack, food and drink. Like some that we had during stayed
겨란 EGGS ₩1000/2 pieces
녹차 GREENTEA ₩2000/소 small
식혜 SIKHYE ₩2500/ 소 small
 만두 MANDU ₩2500/ pack 6 dumplings
라면 RAMYEON ₩2000
아이스크림 ICECREAM ₩1000~3000
and many more
suprisingly this cafe is super yummy and many choices, we like it! ♡
Because inside is super crowded in mid night, some people also sleep outside -_- crayyyy #kenaanginduduk not only boy but also some couple ckckck poor girl...
Super great experience here, all facilities are clean, so dont worry! Stay in jimjilbang is not as bad as you think, pssss and now i already getting used to naked among strangers LOL

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
52 Jagalchihaean-ro, Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan

How to get here:
By Train, Haeundae MRT Station Exit 3,
Go back side, turin right and go straight, 2nd alley turn right, just go straight until you find this building


  1. Hi, just wondering if the spa has lockers to store big luggage? If no, where can I store them? Thanks!

    1. I was asking the same. Is there locker for big luggage?? If no, where can I store them?

    2. hi angie! well mostly jimjilbang doesnt have a big locker so i suggest better put your luggage in the train station or mrt station and take just what you need using backpack

    3. Hi! Was wondering where i could place my 28'' luggage at Haeundae station? Do they have storage space for such a large luggage?

    4. Not really they just have space for small luggage but maybe now they have luggage storage in station but i am not sure

  2. Hey, do we have to book or is it ok to just arrive without booking

    1. no reservation for jimjilbang just go there directly :)