Friday, August 7, 2015


Naengmyeon, or korean traditional cold noodle is a very famous #1 korean favorite during summer season, because it is very refreshing! Usually cold noodle serves dry or with cold soup. For noodle it very special because they are made from potato starch so the texture is super chewy OMG SOOOO GOOD. Here in seoul, there a famous naengmyeon street called HAMHEUNG NAENGMYEON TOWN, It located in Ojang Street, dongdaemun area. 

Hamheung is a name of city in Northern part of Korea, well i am not gonna tell you all history about it. So the point here there are 3 restaurant that have been opened since long time ago around 1950. But the one that I found first is

I came here around 1 PM and super crowded long queue, but it didnt take too long, like only 15 minutes we already got seats. Wooooooo I JUST AMAZED all people craved for naengmyeon! We already read the menu, outside the restaurant , so we immidiately ordered and we had to pay first.

noodle with spicy sauce marinated beef slices, radish, cucumber, and half hard boiled egg
I am in love! sweet spicy taste, super chewy cold noodle, and sliced marinated beef it just so good
Taste 9/10

noodle with spicy sauce marinated raw fish, radish, cucumber, and half hard boiled egg
all the same sauce with before but the topping is raw fish but i felt like i was expecting fresh rawfish chewy like when i go to Japanese restaurant but it lil bit hard to bite?
Taste 7/10

noodle with spicy sauce marinated raw fish, sliced beef, radish, cucumber, and half hard boiled egg
i think it the best to order, so you can taste both of the topping but i just dont like the fish
Taste 8/10

1. Firsly they will serve a pot, THAT'S NOT HOT TEA OR WATER! it's korea not china HAHA
it is beef clear soup. TASTE SO SAVORY OMG TOO GOOD, give it a sip.
2. Cut noodle into 4 part, because it incredibly hard to swallow this since it super long and super chewy, hardly bite so better cut than embrassed yourself
3.Put some korean mustard and vinegar for better taste! Korean mustard is different! it not as sour as American but caution it SO DAMN HOT because they put much of WASABI inside.

You have to try, maybe it gonna tastes super weird in the first time, I tried this when i came to Korea for the first time in Nami island, my driver ordered this with ICE CUBE AND WATERMELON INSIDE DAMN! that looked horrible, and i wanted to vomit after swallowed. but now I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! 

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
101-7 Ojang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

How to get here:
By Train, Dongdaemun Historical and cultural park MRT Exit 6
Just go straight for around 400M

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