Monday, August 24, 2015


Gamcheon mural village is an incredible colorful area, where you can see art mural and sculpture everywhere. Houses look like pilling up to each other, slighty feel like i was in Rio de Janeiro LOL Here you can take a map in the information center but we prefered walking randomly. It was like a maze but always ended up to a big main road.

There are some houses, you can enter but mostly not because it is a real residential area. The one that interesting, we found a house ( you can see the address) it said "graffity gallery", it is a small square house with full of hand writting! Haha it was fun, write something so next time you go back here, it gonna be memorable

That day was incredible hot! So after looking around everything, we got into a small cafe with many mini house miniatures hanging on the entrance wall, we ordered PAT BING SOO, and it super cheap only ₩3000, the size is not so big but enough for 2, glazy red bean topped with almond and when you starting diggin that soy bean powder is totally freakin good!
Taste 9/10
Gamcheon mural village is super interesting tourism object and i think it is the biggest mural village in korea, compared to Ihwa mural village in Seoul (will update it soon!)

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
177-11, Gamnae 2-ro, Saha-gu, Busan

How to get here:
By Train, Geojeong MRT Station exit 6, Take a small Bus Sakha 1/1-1
Get off at Gamcheon mural village, and you're there!

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