Monday, August 3, 2015


Helo guys! if you have read before i told you about FREE HANBOK EXPERINCE, in gwanghamun area, I just tried another one in myeongdong, at MYEONGDONG TOURISM INFO CENTER For you shopping lover, it must be a great place to go, shopping and trying korean traditional clothes in the same time. 

It is located near a park, very easy to reached. If in gwanghamun, it is outdoor, hot and you have to take all photos by yourself, In Myeongdong, IS MORE INTERESTING! beside super spacious place ( and very very cool spot in summer ) here you also can get some info, booklet, souvenirs and free wifi LOL, for the Hanbok, they provide in a small room, here you can choose your favorite color and tataradaaaaaa~ you dont need to do photo by yourself! Here has camera with timer, with many background and after taking photos, those you can send directly to your email. ( p.s : although it looks so fake background but... its okey lah HAHA )

oh iya firstly, you have to fill your name, nationality, and number of person in the concierge table, if there are so many people usually they just give 10 minutes for every person but since now super low season cause by MERS, yesterday i took around 30 minutes inside MUAHAHAHA





My 4TH Hanbok is my most favorite combination color!!!!! i just found this beautiful hanbok here :'') i am so happy, and here some photos that i receive from email, DON'T LAUGH! HAHAAHAHAH

see where i live

well, THIS IS VERY RECOMMANDED ! I just hope Indonesia also has something like this. I always amaze with Korea Tourism, they take their culture very seriously for foreigner with all great facilities.

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
181 Euljiro 2(i)ga, Junggu, Seoul

How to get here:
By Train, Euljiro 1(il) Ga MRT Station, Exit 5
Second alley, turn left, it's in the middle of park with big "i" logo


  1. Hi, may I know do we have to make an appointment to try the hanboks and take photos? What is the operation timing? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    1. hi! sorry for late reply. you dont need to make reservation just come and fill our information and they'll give you 10 minutes time to take photo but if not so many customers you can try it more than 10 minutes :)