Thursday, August 27, 2015


My friend, CI Putri, asked how if we together go hiking, because it is too mainstream jsut go to shopping street or just eat. So we decided to plan our trip to hike BUGAKSAN MOUNTAIN, which is the highest mountain in Seoul. Bugaksan itself has so many peak, but we chose BAEGUNDAE PEAK, the highest peak among all, so It's the highest point of seoul, 836 meters above sea level. 

So we gathered in Gupabal station, I just suprised in this station has so many explanation about the mountain and hiking track well

So from the train station, we had to change taking a bus, to the Bugaksan National Park. hmm it was not that close we took around 20 minutes until we reached the national park. From the bus stop, you have to walk again around 10 minutes until you really see the national park main gate.

Don't worry for get lose, every branches way has a direction. Just follow to BAEGUNDAE PEAK, just 4km not so far, because before I had joint 5k running event #sombongdiawalbolehlahdikit HAHA

Along the way, your eyes gonna be treated by amazing view, mini waterflow, stone, and STAIRS
And if you already find like an information center with vending machine, don't worry it's still FAR WAY TO GO

the stone was getting biggest, as long you getting further, hahh i felt ashamed with all older people who could walk faster than me #koreanoldertypical. Already around 2 hours hiked, and I was dying. I took a rest many times compared with Ci Putri and Ci Catherine, I didnt feel it like 4KM, they must be joking

If you already found this stone gate, pray to God, say thanks because it is not that far to the peak, around other half hour ( for me ) because my tight is too heavy really.

NO NO NO not yet hana still few steps ahead, it just like side of the top, but not yet the highest top. Thanks to all blogger that I've read for this hiking nobody said this track gonna be super exhausting.

Nahhhhh this is the top, if you already see the korean flag, YOU REALLY MADE IT GUYS! total time I took to the top was 3 hours 30 minutes, because i was so slow and easily dying. And i thought it was over but IT WAS NOT, I took another 2hours and 30 minutes went down the peak to the main entrance gate. Welll but super exciting and worth view from the top, but I will doubt myself if  I have to done it one more time HEM

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
Mangwol-ro, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do 

How to get here:
By Train, Gupabal MRT Station exit 1, Take bus No. 704
Get off at Bugaksan National Park Bus stop, and just follow ahjussi / ahjumma to the entrance

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  1. Berencana solo hiking September nanti, dan baca ini makin excited. Thank you!