Thursday, August 27, 2015


SUMMER MUST DO #1, chilling on the beach, checked HAHA Haeundae beach is super popular not only in Busan but in Korea, this is one of super crowded place during summer holiday period. No wonder when you arrive here you can see many beach umbrella and super massive parking lot. If you have lots of money, i suggest you stay in the hotel by the beach, so you can see this spectacular view from above ( it surely super expensive to stay in a hotel with beach view during summer lol)

Near the main gate, you can see "SMART BEACH" booth, or machine. Well i prefered the booth one. Here you can rent your 파라솔(parasol) beach umbrella,비치베드 (beach bed) beach chair, 튜브(tub) swimming float, and even water activities ticket like banana boat, flying fish and many more. There are 2 prices, 현금(hyeongeum) is if you using card, and 할인(halin) special price if you pay cash.

so here i rent an umbrella for ₩5500 since i paid cash, and then they give you a receipt and give it again to a guard near Korean flag's booth LOL they will lead you to your umbrella, and dont worry if you forget bring your own mat, every umbrella you rent, you will get one mat.

and you pay this ₩5500 for the whole day! So cheap right! So make sure if you want to go buy something leave something on the mat so the guard know this umbrella still own by someone.

and Korean beach guard is super noisy, they blow whiste like all the time -_- 

Dont forget to bring your snack! Hihi it is like picnic time right?

Lucky us, when we were in the beach, Haagendazs opened super big booth with water slide and what? THEY GAVE PEOPLE FREE ICE CREAM OH YEA! I think it was maybe a promotion because they launched new flavour, Mango and Berry sorbet, it super refreshing! And you also can do water slide but since we dont bring any towel we didnt do that :(

Some people ( or just us) is super lazy to leave or mat because it super hot and getting pewe. If you hungry, dont worry because so many food seller, in Korea you can do delivery everywhere you want, in the beach, in the park, everywhere. Actually many ahjummahs and ahjussis passed back and forth selling CHIMAEK ( chicken+beer) but we were not in a chicken mood, and i saw delivery ahjussi with a box and i aprroched him and asked. He gave me a brochure and he...... JAJANGMYEON MAN UYEEE UYEE we had looking for him! Because actually we already got the brochure before but if we call, we didnt know hoe to explain our location. No need to wsiting to long around 20 minutes he came back with our lunch !

Super savory and noodle inside super chewy and looked like spaghetti or they use spaghetti? HAHA
Taste 8/10

before i confused what to order this or not because it super hot at the beach and we ordered soupy thing thats cray but we didnt regret at all since this jampong is super good even better than the jajangmyeon
Taste 9/10

After done, and you still hungry, you can go to Haeundae market thats located very near from the beach, you can do snacking, street food, or heavy meal like gukbab ;)

BEST BEACH SO FARRRR i never found summer activities as exciting as in Haeundae beach. Summer only around 2 months in Korea and others 10 months cold and windy so dont waste your summer time here ;) 

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )

How to get here:
By Train, Haeundae MRT Station exit 5,
Just go straight ahead from exit, lots of restaurant and cafe along the way to the beach. 
And in 3/4 way to beach you'll see the market too with big main gate
(below is the map of sijang/market, just go straight again then you'll find the beach )

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