Thursday, September 19, 2013


HUAAAA i dont know what happened with my feeling this week :( It's just about ex, boyfriend,relationship,love, and whatever. This feeling makes me up and down. You know when you have broken up for a year and still don't find a better one, You must be still thinking of the last one. Although it was only 9 months but yaaa unforgettable sucks :"( My office mate always says " You have to moved on maybe it's sick and suck but if you still get stuck here, you will not get a better one. It's not matter you want to move on or not, BUT IT'S A MUST!" Well a year ago, after I broke up, I made a deal with my office mate, if I feel Confusion, I have to give him a MAGNUM. And until now, I dont know how much Magnum I have to give for him because it's too much. I AM SO BROKE like crayzy. And now my only one mood booster is COFFEE. Everytime I drink coffee, I feel happy and free :3 And to be honest, I always have coffee everyday as my breakfast. Last time I went to Lotte Avenue, I tried one of Korean Coffee shop brand, named ANGEL-IN-US COFFEE.  When I went to Korea this summer, I did not have a chance to try this T.T So here it is!

 ICE CAPPUCINO 아이스 카푸치노  IDR 24.5K

 ICE DUTCH AMERICANO  아이스 더치 아메리카노 IDR 29K
LOVE! My favorite Americano so far, not too light and less sugar, perfect!
 Got ANGEL-IN-US handphone chain if you buy Ice Americano ( While Promo )
crispy croissant, crunchy almond on top, and soft cheese cream inside. NOM!

** exclude tax 10%

Lotte Avenue, 2nd Floor, Ciputra World
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5
Jakarta Selatan  

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