Saturday, November 1, 2014


 TAA-DAA finally another restaurant review, I just went home from Grand Indonesia with my mami and brother and I met my friend, IVANA. And 4 of us, crazily craving newly opened restaurant after we looked a picture in Hans danial's instagram. So tempting melting cheese in a big pan, We wondered what's that? And finally we know that is SLICE OF HEAVEN.

It is located beside Qbilliard, across Common People, on the 5th floor West Mall, Grand Indonesia. Easy to be found. Quite spacy place with clean light blue, white and woody interior. But too bad, there are only about 3 waiters ( that I saw) So the service is quite slow?! And I dont care about that, I just directly chose my seats and after minutes, waiter came and gave me the menu. My first impression is WOW KINDA PRICEY. But it's ok i just hoping its taste would worth the price. and it's weird because this restaurant has a connecting door to Q billiard? maybe they are in the same group? HAHA

IDR 95,000
I RECOMMED THIS AS THE BEST! sorry guys with the caps, but these rolls are crazily lovely fat madness! Pork belly wrapped with bacon and mayonaise dipping. When you bite it, feels like your mouth is being ripped, melting fat, creamy mayo LOVE! Taste 9/10

IDR 85,000
Looked so delicious in instagram doesnt guarantee it gonna taste amazing. Hmm it just failed, too pricey for tofu with minced beef and top with melting cheese and baked potato. Tofu is tasteless & minced beef tasted like regular bolognese sauce. Taste 6/10

IDR 75,000
 Hoped it gonna be sweet ending but...... it disappointed me again :( This even more expensive then pancious' men! Pancake texture is just too rough like too much flour in it and I dont taste any mascarpone. Sorry for being so rude but that's the truth. Taste 4/10

IDR 125,000
And another too pricey thing here is their drink. I ordered Heaven Breeze, Mango juice with some fresh cut fruits, mango, peach, strawberry, and passion fruit. Tasted hmm standard. Beside jug size, you can ordered it in glass priced around IDR 60,000. Tasted 6/10

Beside those menu that I've ordered, actually They have pizza and waffle menu, but it didnt ready yet. So the conclusion, It lower than what I expected or maybe I expected too much? I don't think so. With that "standard" price, I think people will put their expectation as high as me did. I just suggest as they can't lower the price, I hope they can improve their menu. Today was my first time and would be the last if they dont have pork bacon wrap hahaha because I crazily addict with anything contain pork . Everybody has their own point of view, hasn't it? Try it by yourself, maybe I did it wrong HAHA ciao!

5th floor, West Mall, Grand Indonesia
( beside Q billiard )
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat
( all photos taken by samsung note 2 )

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