Sunday, November 23, 2014

COLOR RUN INDONESIA, happiest 5K on earth!

HOAAAA! Finally the day has come! This morning, event that I've been waiting for! COLOR RUN INDONESIA! After skip this event last year, I just kinda very curious with this. Throwback one day, my friend, Merry said " Eh color run udah buka loh pendaftarannya mau ikut ga?" And I was so excited and immediately opened and registered Gary, my brother and myself. It cost IDR 250,000 per person. After being in, We got an email that we could take the race pack on 13-16 Nov' 2014. On 13 Nov, me with Mr. H, took it at Kuningan City 3rd Floor. It was so crowded although weekday. For 4000 first runner, who took racepack gonna get a CIMB's bracelet that can be use on the day for photo boothing and print it for free.
Today, My bro and I took busway from our apartment and stopped at Gelora Bung Karno's. We arrived at about 6, and we saw no crowded at all. Actually we wanted to wait my office mate, Mery & Yessyca but since Gary's got his morning contraction HAHA we got in to the Run meeting point looking for toilet. and..... al.rea.dy crowded inside. While waiting for Gary, I queue for photobooth!! 

And where's Merry & Yessyca, I kinda desperado looked for them. And yaudahlah gitu, Me and Gary went near the stage and did some warm up that being leaded by a Celfit's instructor. And magical happened, I just realized about 15 minutes I stood up beside Merry gessss....

Time showed 7 o'clock and lucky us, We started with the first run batch! After passing start line, We were being welcome by Green Powder PUFF PUFF everybody excited being dirty!!! and then, Orange, Pink, & Blue before final exit. It took about 2 hours from the start to the end. Actually, WE ARE NOT RUNNING AT ALL ._. it should be "color walk" HAHA it more narsism than exercise.

Hem I felt like all of this track not reach 5k maybe only 3/4k. And there's only 1 drink stop in the middle of the track and one more after we passing final gate. We got mizone or aqua and we also took a plastic of magic color dusty for closing party.

ALRITE enough picture and color, I AM TOTALLY HUNGRY! and here in colorrun, there's FOODZONE! yey! There are Boga's group booth ( you can eat pepper lunch, tenten, bakerzin, and many more..),, Breadtalk, Mie ayam stall, and the one that attracked my attention.. TABANCO COFFEE TRUCK! I ordered Caramel Latte IDR 33,000, and suprisingly great! sweet from caramel but not too much, fresh milk, and lil bitter from fresh graded coffee shot LALALOVE!


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