Friday, January 2, 2015


Goshhhhh, i dont know why but 2014 ended so fast, didnt it? Lots of blessing along this year, new destination experiences, unexpected persons newly met, presents, i just couldn't thank God for all of these. Just for my blog early year, i lose my favour for typing. But thanks for my sister, Eveline whom always motivated me updating my blog.

Well this year, i just spent new year eve with my mom and lil brother because my father still on duty and sister in china. I had some plans but it totally confusing and  many consideration. Like want to book hotel in Bunderan HI area but totally fullybooked, or enjoy fireworks in Ancol but totally crowded with lautan manusia. So in the end, we decided to do BBQ at home.

My mother had prepared "things" we need, 2 days before New Year eve. For grilled, She bought sirloin cut, chicken tights, bacons, and sausages. WOOOO so excited. After office, i went home and helped her preparing for grilled. I also made some easy side dishes.

First, MASHED POTATO. Boiled some potatoes for about 15 minutes, peel off the skin ( oh iya for skin you also can make potato skin crisp, potato skin give some olive oil and salt baked by oven for 10 minutes ) then mashed it until smooth, add milk, butter, & chopped garlic 

Second, SAUTEE VEGGIE. Boiled your choices of vegetable for a while about 2 minutes then add olive oil on ur fryingpan, put chopped garlic and onion, stir it till turn brown, add boiled vegetable and give some seasonings

Third, MUSHROOM SAUCE. Well it my most favorite sauce for my steak! Cut thin some mushrooms here i used white/button mushroom, sautee it with garlic and olive oil, until it smooshi and out some mushroom "black" oil, add heavy cream, pepper and salt

All totally easy to be made. Hihi we started grill on 8 pm because we already hungry like bad. And at 12 am we watched fire works around.

Maybe it's kind a super simple newyear. But i thank God for another year He gave me ahead. Once again 

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