Friday, January 16, 2015


SISTER DAY OUT! Yey today we have planned long long time ago to come here! After IKEA INDONESIA opened in Alam Sutera, Jakarta on Oct 2014, Everybody comes here hardly find parking lot, queue cashier like cray, otherwise we just feel the hype trough instagram HAHA . From our apartment in Gajah Mada to Ikea takes about a half hour through Kebon Jeruk tollway and took Alam Sutera Exit. We got here at 10 o'clock and outdoor parking lot still quite empty but because today is sunny, we decided to park our car in Basement.

SO SPACY! yuuhuu come early never fail. We parked near entrance gate and took the elevator to the 1st floor, and you can easily find the Ikea's catalog, take it as your reference to make what staff you've looking for easier. We took it because just curious HAHA kidding! We are looking for some cute things for our room. And we with ilertumpetumpe just amazed with all showcases. My personal favorite is Kids room area! Lots of cute colorful design and I found a stack of brocollis! :3 

Well after bought some "unnecessary tapi laper mata" things, we finally met our main destination, cafetaria YES! I'm so happy no queueing at all. And we could take order as long as we can #kidding. We took a unique trolly special for cafetaria and chose our breakfast. When I saw the menu hangin up, wow the price is so reasonablely cheap.

For some menu, like waffle, dessert cake side, and soup you can take it by yourself :B

Say hello to my personal maid LOL KIDDING this is my sister, EVELINE.

Dont worry for getting thirsty after shopping, here you can have your ALL YOU  CAN DRINK SIDE! by paying IDR 7000, you will get a glass for soft drink or a cup for hot drink at the cashier. For breakfast, I chose long black coffee as mine, taste quite watery but nice :)

Our Food Trolly 

And here SWEDISH MEATBALL WITH MASHEDPOTATO, the star from Ikea Cafetaria! WOHOO with IDR20000 you'll get 5 pieces of meatball, it tasted yummy, you can feel juice melted in your mouth after biting these, mashed potato is tasteless so you have to eat it with the gravy, Gravy itself taste so savory yummy! and can you see a tiny pickle? after all creamy taste that balance all with it freshly sourness. Taste 8/10.

WESTERN BREAKFAST sounds good for beautiful sunny morning. It stands for 2 hashbrown, a long chicken sausage, scramble egg, and tomato beans. It priced IDR 19000. It totally ordinary and taste hmmm #cencored HAHA. Taste 5/10.

MUSHROOM SOUP IDR 15000, nice, creamy but not too heavy. Taste 7/10.

WAFFLE WITH CHOCOLATE SAUCE IDR 15000, solid texture almost tasted like bread HAHA totally full. Taste 6.5/10.

After done having our breakfast, We went down again to the first floor and paid our stuffs, outside cashier, we could find Swedish grocery stuffs like snack, drinks, and basic ingredients. I didnt see that, I saw beside the mini mart, ANOTHER SNACK SIDE YESSSS here they sell like light bites, hotdog and blablabla, we bought "FAMOUS" IKEA'S ICE CREAM for only IDR 4000 my God! so cheap, We got cone and coin from the snack cashier, and went to the machine. Put the cone to the place, enter the coin and push a "white" button. Then let the magic come! WOOOOO When I licked it..... I DIDNT KNOW THAT HAPPINESS IS THAT CHEAP so soft and creamy, the sweetness is greatly scale. Taste 10/10.

So happy! I love IKEA! But i have to rest of my life if I want to fulfill my apartment with all Ikea's stuffs since it quite pricey HAHA I surely will come back for their ice cream! Looked at my youtube video below! and subscribe me hihi CIAO!!!!

Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard No. 45. 
Alam Sutera Serpong, Tangerang 
Telepon: 021 29853900
Website :

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