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" if Germany has Octobeer fest, Brazil has Rio Carnaval, Korea has Boryeong Mud Fest!"

Boryeong Mud Festival is a summer event, helds every year in Daecheon Beach, Boryeong City around 2 hours drive from Seoul, the capital city. This year is the 18th event which started on 17 July untul 26 July ( for 10 days ) And the most interesting fact here, it more famous around foreigner HAHA so if you attend the event, you will see more foreigner than local people.

You can reach from many big city in Korea, but from my experience, I took a bus from Seoul, you can read here. There are 3 bus station in Seoul, Nambu Bus, Dong Bus, and Express Bus terminal, but I suggest you Express Bus terminal since it has the most timetable to Boryeong, interval every an hour. If take a bus, it cost around  ₩8000-₩15900, depends on your bus schedule and class.

When you already arrive at Boryeong Intercity Bus Terminal, you have to take local bus to go to the beach, usually from Terminal, The bus number is 103-1, and you stop exactly across the main entrance gate.

Because of so many different attraction each days, usually people decides to overnight for the event. Well, we are not that people HAHA we decided to overnight because we thought it gonna be a long long bus ride so we came to Boryeong a day before the event was held and also for crowded-traffic jam-anticipation LOL I know we were so overeacted. 

For accomodation, you can choose whether around the beach area or in Boryeong city depends on your budget, because in the beach area mostly are hotel, motel, mansion, and also have jjimjilbang but not so many. In boryeong city is cheaper but you have to take local bus round trip to go to the beach. You can read my jjimjilbang experience here. For jjimjilbang overnight price is ₩8000 per pax, and for better accomodation such hotel and friends, it cost around ₩40000 up / room.

After a long long journey, we made it! We arrived at the TKP. We arrived too early, the event opened on 9.30 and we already here around 8.00 LOL because we too excited! So we decided to look around the beach that very very near from the main gate. And we took lots of pictures! haha The beach is very clean and wide sands area. One thing advantage if you come early, Nobody here! So i can take photos without many people ruined my photo background.

Near the beach, there are some ( how we called it ) tend?, where you can rent locker yey! It only costs ₩5000 for whole day! so cheap haha you can put like 2 big backpacks inside the locker and they also rent beach ba.

It cost ₩10000 for regular ticket. They have many prices, like group price, child price, blablabla. And they also give free entry for senior citizen and infant with showing the ID card. Everyday has different color bracelet so you can't entry next day with the same one.

You have to pay if you what to shower, Adult  ₩2000 & Children  ₩1000. Inside Shower Area has lockers so you can move your stuffs from locker on the beach to here, and just put  ₩100 to use the locker. Don't forget to pay! or ahjumma shower guards will yell at you! HAHA #basedontruestory.

Since it located near the beach, the main dish is seafood. Many seafood restaurant near the event area but it cost around  ₩15000 up. Dont worry there are also some "junkfood" around. Before I read a website they said in the area only has lotteria, so I ate at lotteria, and after done, I found Popeye and some chimaek DAMN IT ! Here there are lotteria, popeye, Caffe bene, Nene chicken, B-BQ chicken & pizza, and many more! So dont worry guys. There are also convenient stores.

Regular Bus, Express Bus Terminal - Boryeong            =  ₩10900 
Taxi from Boryeong Terminal - Seyeong Jimjilbang       =  ₩ 3000
Jimjilbang overnight                                                    =  ₩ 8000 
Eating Ramyeon in Jimjilbang                                      =  ₩ 4000
Local bus, Jimjilbang - Beach ; Beach - Terminal ; 2x    =  ₩ 2800 
Boryeong Mud Festival ticket                                       = ₩10000
Locker rent                                                                 =  ₩ 5000
Shower                                                                       =  ₩ 2000
Lotteria shrimp burget set                                             = ₩ 7000
Caffe Bene Bingsoo                                                     = ₩ 9000
Premium express Bus, Boryeong - Express Bus Terminal=₩15900   +
TOTAL                                                               ₩77600

 I think it the most worthy money I spent in Korea so far. The event was very fun and muddy. Oh ya thanks also for the Boryeong city Major, MR. KIM DONG IL, for giving me a VUE ACTION CAM ( you see my face? that because i was shocked and i thought I won a gopro HAHA ).I felt like super lucky, I stood on the 18th first visitor on the 18th Boryeong Mud Festival so I got it HAHA I just confused, a man ( i thought he was an event head coordinator ) gripped my hand and talked alot in Korean and maybe he realized my "don't understand" face and called someone speak English and told this great news HAHAHAHAHAHA i was never this lucky, I never won anything before. Once again, such a great event! See you next year ( if I still in Korea ) LOL

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
Daecheon Beach, Sinheuk-dong, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do


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