Tuesday, July 14, 2015


well finally i am 
What people said it's legal year, well i doesnt really care about legal, and in the end, ages are just numbers. I just felt grateful with this year birthday, i am far from home, alone in this K-Country but i still surronded by people whom loves me so much. And it became one of the best experience i've ever had. 

when the time showed 00.04 on my phone, and i was on skype with my bubby and his mom, he asked her mom for holding the phone with her and he came back with a chocolate cake and candle on it :") i was overwhelmed, he just know me so much, then i blew up virrual candles AHAHAHA so funny. And he asked me to turn on my laptop and see youtube, suprisingly he made me a video with church friend, lisa and ivana my besties, and my family and also him inside, i couldnt hold my tears TT.TT i never expected suprises like this. I just very very grateful having you in my life, Mr.H ;)

In Korea they have tradition, when someone has birthday, they have to eat 미역국 MIYEOKGUG, or seaweed soup, but because of i am not korean and i am half chinese, i prefer cooked myself noodle as the symbol of longevity as my mom also do on my birthday. But i didnt cook a fried noodle, yesterday i made my version of 비빔국수 BIBIMGUKSU, or spicy mix noodle

my friend, HERLINA OENNI. My ex loxal guide, suddenly asked me to meet her in Hongdae and she craved for steak, and we met one restaurant called "BLACKSTONE" that serves steak on hotplate. Well it looks so expensive but it's not, for food it prices around ₩16000~₩25000 and for beverage they serve wine and beer around ₩5000~₩30000 not so expensive if compared with other steak restaurant.

super creamy sauce meet giant shrimp and aldente pasta
taste 9/10

See that glorious steak!
for me this steak is great, it all up to you, rare, medium, or well done, you are own your meat!
Taste 9.5/10

Her tenderloin steak

My wagyu steak

It tastes more like greensand LOL 

We found this cute lil shop when we looked around the restaurant neighboorhood.

In the end, she told me long time ago she used comic for studying korean so she bought me some comics for improved my korean still. SO KYOTTT~

after i went home, ci putri gave me surprise with a BASKIN ROBBINXKAKAOTALK's ice cream cake that i've seen few days ago. OMG ITS JUST TOO CUTE! Even the box ~

Im not so into kakao talk but the ice cake totally look the same with the character!!! 
It name, 무지무지행복해, or happiness of muji muji.

yellow layer - banana taste
White layer - cheese cake with cake crumbs

I blessed more than I deserved 
-Happy 21st-

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