Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Korea is such a beautiful country with lots of culture and unique foods. I have reviewed some of the coffee shop that I visited in Korea and now I decided to make my Korea full journey diary on my blog. On 9th of August 2013, Sleepy head after helping my guest checked in their luggage and got the boarding pass, about  23.45 PM my flight Garuda Indonesia GA987 ready to take off WUSHHHHHH after 7-hour-flight, finally I touched down Incheon International Airport, so EXCITEDD!!!! Then after went out from Incheon Int'l Airport, We changed airport to Gimpo Int'l Airport to take domestic flight to Jeju Island, it took about 45 minutes to go there. Well.... I go by airplane since I was a child and JIN AIR is the worst airlines so far HAHA compared with Indonesia domestic flight it's worse, take off and landing very unsmoothly. After an hour heart spotting in the air, We arrived at Jeju International airport
my daddy bought this for me at Dream World AU ;)

can you see a dragon head in the center of the picture? not all people can see it, you have to use your imagination. It's fairy tale about a water dragon which want to live immortal then he stole an immortality possion from the God then before he escape by flying to the sky, God know and curse it into a rock, so here we only can see its head and old people says that its body still in the water.
beside traditional snack stalls, you also can find Coffee shop in some tourism object. Since it was very hot outside, I took a sit in Dunkin donuts, Air conditioner + free wifi PERFECT! You know Dunkin Donuts in Korea has a lots of beverage menu :9 Mine is Milktea. So heavy cream but not too sweet even better than Chatime but without any toppping LOL

 2nd destination :
( pardon my face ) Osulloc, it's the biggest tea plantation in Jeju. Most of the group tour come here to enjoy the green environment and try the cafe.On the first floor, you can enjoy the cafe that famous with its all green tea menu and you can also buy some beauty stuff like body lotion, shampoo, and many more that contains tea, and then go to the highest floor, it's outdoor, so you can see tea plantation around the building widely.


 a little bit pricey but very worth to try! Green tea ice cream tasted so smooth and quite bitter. And for the green tea roll texture so soft and cheese cream in the center is so yummy and not gonna make us nausea

2nd restaurant : Wa Gen Gi
after eating ice cream blablabla and still hungry, we had lunch at a restaurant near osulloc. The owner of the restaurant is a Korean Indonesia speaking guide. So funny she could help me and my local guide served the food. Their speciality is Grilled Macarel Fish. So yummy, crispy macarel fish skin and soft inside. Every person gets one big fish :9 it lovely eats with hot rice and seaweed soup and also Korean all you can eat side dish, kimchi, salted fish, scramble egg and sweet potato. Price about ₩20,000

3rd destination :
waaaaaah heavenly happy! There are 2 Teddy Bear in Jeju Island, one is Teddy bear museum and one is Teddy bear safari, but most people is prefer Teddy bear safari because you can touch, hug, take pictures with all of teddy closely but if you go to Teddy bear museum, most of the teddy are in the display box so you can't touch it. But in every Teddy Bear Museum shows different theme, like in Teddy Bear safari, the theme when you come in is about safari there are lots of animal and safari jeep on the first floor and come on the second floor you'll see different theme, there are Teddy bear cafe theme, Fairy tale theme, and rockin' teddy theme. Different with Teddy bear Museum, you can see Teddy bear display in Louis Vitton stuff, Korean drama character teddy bear and many more. 

4th restaurant : Unknown
sorry for dont mention the restaurant name, I totally forgot. Well since Korean have like night routine, after office hours they meet their colleague or friends and have a drink like Soju ( Korean Alcoholic drink) or beers. You can meet many restaurant or just small stalls like in Korean dramas :p Beside drinks they sell snacks, or some raw foods. And taa-daa! I dont know the best menu to be ordered, my friends ordered for me.

best sashimi i've ever tried!!! super fresh and super not fishy. if you dont like fish skin you can ask the waiter to peel it. Yummy dip it into wasabi and soy sauce :9

clear slices of squid, freshly cut :9 so chewy 

RAW OYSTER ₩35,000 // EDAMAME ₩5,000 // BEER ₩3,000
 as the appetizer, we ordered edamame, ordinary nothing special but it's ok didnt tasteless. and first rawfood, FRESH OYSTER huge oyster cut into small dices yummy so fresh and not smell fishy. In korea, you have to eat like raw food or bbq with different way. Take a leaf ( usually lettuce , perilla , or sesame leaves), put the meat, add some kimchi, and sauce ( in korea, there are 2 main sauce, GoChuJang = Hot red chilli sauce and Ddoenjang = Fermented bean sauce ), Fold the leaf and Enjoy it!

3rd restaurant : Nel Bom

Dinner Time! Every people have to eat at this popular restaurant. Fyi, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, our Indonesia president had had dinner here, you can find out His picture near the cashier wall of fame :p Beef bulgogi serves in a big flat wok. So yummy you'll never taste bulgogi this lovely if you try it in Jakarta. The beef is so tender, eat it together with onion and pour some beef juice soup to your rice bowl and scoop it into your mouth AAAAAAAA TAKE ME BACK!!!! and the weirdest thing I've ever tried is hmm like cold clear rice noodle ( the last picture above) with watermelon, cucumber, and radish ih ih i dont like it.

Well, I love Jeju island! Beautiful scenery, great seafood, but maybe it would be nice if I come on winter or other season, Summer is too hot and too humid. Continue to the other cities trip! Ciao!


  1. Hi Hi, May i know how you travel (transportation) around jeju?

    1. so sorry for too late reply hehehehe I joined local tour in Jeju since jeju's tourism object is too hard to be reached 1 to others