Thursday, November 14, 2013


Continuing my trip... So excited because there's a themepark today! YEY Although I am 19-year-old I never get boring to go to the themepark. EVERLAND, one of the most famous themepark in Korea that I've visited, located about 1 hour from seoul. Because I loved adrenaline ride, I am so damn curious with T-EXPRESS, hmm like a coaster but made by woods, so when the ride is playing you can hear kretekk kkeetetekk keteeek *wood sound* * apasihluhan* Wiiiiiiii

1st restaurant : Don Ma Ni
yam yam yam fulfill my happy tummy before playing at Everland. So yummy! The picture above hmm I dont know which part of piggie body but so tender and you see much fat inside hihihhi so happy :9 Beside having lunch, I could buy some souvenirs here with cheap price :3 Price of BBQ about ₩ 30,0001st destination

finally finally there are lots of ride can be played here, for children, like poporo 4D cute studio, mini zoo, 4 season garden, and many more. For adult, T-express is a must! From the parking area you have to take a bus ( free ) to the entrance gate where you can buy the ticket and get in to the theme park. Because when I was in Everland it was so crowded, for playing T-express, you have to take a fast pass frist than come back in time showed in the ticket.

go away my nausea after playing T-express, so sour yummy :9 2 scoops of Shaved ice and Kiwi syrup and fresh kiwi dices

2nd destination
Kimchi is a korean traditional fermented side dish. There are lots of vegetable can be used for Kimchi, but the mostly used is Cabbage, Raddish, or Cucumber. Korean makes Kimchi  in every neighborhood in november or early december together for Winter substitution, this tradition called as Gimjang. Long long time ago, Korean is used to fermented Kimchi in a clay pot and buried underground so it will fermented perfectly. But now-a-days, because of limited space, they only fermented it in refrigerator. How to make it so exciting! First, wash the cabbage and give it some salt so it get limp. Second, mix up seasonings, gochujang sauce, chilli powder, shrimp powder, grated garlic, ginger, apple, and pear. Third pour the seasoning over the salted cabbage then keep it for a long time about months but longer time gonna make it taste better

2nd restaurant : Mer Mer
MY FAVORITE!! crazy every person get own shabu electric stove WOO as a bonus I got a plate of slices beef. Other shabu-shabu, you can take as much as you want on the all-you-can-eat row, there are vegetables, fish cake, fresh made noodles, mushroom and many more, beside all-you-can-eat row, there are sushi booth, ramen booth, salad booth, soup booth, and dessert booth nyam nyam nyam for beverages you can go to drink booth, there are soda, juices, coffee, and tea. When you find Coffee Maker in a restaurant in Korea, YOU-HAVE-TO-TRY-IT, it is the best coffee maker ever!!! Perfect taste yumm!

3rd destination
Located on the top of Namsan Mountain in the middle of Seoul city. You can see giant "N" stands for Namsan in front of the entrance gate. Well In N-tower, there are some souvenir shops and restaurants, tv station offices, and Teddy Bear museum, but compared with in Jeju Island or Mt Sorak, this museum's concept is different, teddies show as model in seoul attractions like shopping center or famous tourism attraction. On the top, there is an observatorium floor where you can see seoul from the highness. Outdoor side, here is the most popular place for couples, love padlocks side.  Lots of couple come here for "lock" their love together, after you lock the pad then throw the key away. 

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