Friday, November 1, 2013


Randomly remembering my duty trip to Korea. I think my next trip is Korea again but unfortunately I have to go to ..... JAPAN baby!!! Oh my God! Oh my God! crazy crazy crazy my dream since I was a child! Land of the rising sun. I don't know it's already fixed or not but have applied my visa 2 days ago so #PRAYFORHANAGOESTOJAPAN *what a hast tag* Well back to Korea HAHA. Korea is known on the 3rd rank of the country with biggest coffee consumption in asia and in 2012 number of coffee consumption increased about 200% from 2011. You can find coffee shop in every corner of the street, international brand like starbucks, dunkin donuts, and many more or local brand. But here I prefer local brand to be tried since the price is cheaper but the quality of coffee is the same as the international one. If it's too far to try Korea's local brand coffee shop in Korea, you can try it at Lotte shopping avenue Jakarta, you can find Caffe Benne or Angel in us, both are Korean local coffee brand. So this BEANS BINS COFFEE, one of local brand coffee shop that located in Doota Shopping center, Dong Dae Mun area.

1₩ = IDR 10

Doota Shopping Mall, 5th Floor
DongDaeMun Street
Seoul, South Korea

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