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Finally last part of my Korea Trip! YIPYIP a day before I went back to Jakarta, I had another theme park woohoo LOTTE WORLD. After halfday playing at, I had city tour to Gyeongbok Palace, Gwanghamun square and free shopping time at Myeongdong shopping street. So bad It had ended -_- Tomorrow morning, My Garuda Indonesia flight 10.15 A.M, went back to Jakarta.

1st destination
Lotte world is located in the hmm east of seoul not so far to be reached like Everland. If everland is looked a like with dufan, Lotte world is more interesting because there are outdoor and indoor area. For the indoor, it has 3 floors. There are many cute rides, like adventure around the indoor area using a giant air ballon, shimbad the ride, mini coaster and many more. Have you ever seen Stairway to heaven korean drama? My favorite korean drama after Winter sonata and endless love, the scene has taken here! When Han Jung-suh and Cha Song-joo made a promise before Cha Song-joo are going to study abroad and kissing in front of the carousel ( see the picture above ) AAAA i'm so happy has gone to Lotte world!!! in The middle of the indoor area you can see the ice skate area down stairs ( with additional charged ) nahhh that's also used as the scene background when Han Jung-suh and Cha Song-joo play ice skating at night together scene. Go to the second floor and there is a bridge to go to the outdoor area. For outdoor area, the rides are more challenging like haunted house, giant drop, giand coaster and many more ( but my favorite is giant drop, it takes you to the highness and when you enjoyed the view, you are suddenly dropped down. Now I know how it feels when someone suicide falled down from the high HOEK ).

shaved ice with blueberry sour syrup, so refreshing after playing giant drop on the sunny day

2nd destination

Giant square with Gyeongbok palace and Bugaksan background. Many korean people come here for take a walk, go to malls around, just like a recreation area. In Gwanghamun we can see 2 famous Korean hero statues, the first ( the middle of picture above ) standing up statue is Yi Sun Shin, Korean naval commender that famous with his unique war ship, turtle ship or Geobukseon in Imjin War with Japan, and the second is King Sejong statue ( sorry no picture ), King Sejong is the king who invented Hangul ( Korean alphabeth). Beside that statue, Gwanghamiun also famous with Cheonggyecheon stream, it's like mini stream that used to be slums area and now turned into public recreation area.
3rd destination
GyeongBokGung (Gung means palace) is the biggest, oldest, main palace in Korea. Actually there are 5 palaces in Korea, Gyeongbokgung ( the main ), Changdeokgung (Flourishing Gladness ), Changgyeonggung (Eastern palace), Gyeongdeokgung (Western palace), and Deoksugung( Virtuous Longevity palace ). During Imjin war, Japanese has burnt all parts of the Gyeongbokgung, and the goverment built it again like in the past. Only 3 buildings that still original from the first time it built until now, there are Geunjeongjeon ( the mainhall, where I took the picture above), Gyeonghoeru ( Queen's bedroom ) and Hwangwonjeong ( Palace back yard's pavillion )

4th destination

super huge street market, there are many sections that very possible can make you get lost.It made me crazy! Beside local clothing brand there are also international brands, like H&M, Forever21, AmericanApperal, Payless, and many more!  I WAS SO BROKE. In every corner of the street you also can meet Etude, The Body Shop, Missha and other Korean famous cosmetics. And if after you shopping like crazy and your tummy hungry dont worry, there are many stalls that sell Korean Traditional snacks, Curly fries, Hotteok, Tteopokki and drinks :)


so tall 'O' !! Tasted hmm watery kidding :p yummy and light creamy, half greentea and half vanilla. But too bad it melting so fast

my favorite!! Fresh squeezed lemon with soda, served in unique plastic :p So sour >.< 

1st restaurant : AN DONG CHIM DAK
finally heavy meal!!!!! after tiring shopping day in Myeongdong, didnt take too long, I ate also in Myeongdong area there's a small restaurant that speciality in JJIMDAK. My local guide said that korean girls loved it so much especially if they ordered it hot with much chilli. Jjimdak hmm for me it tasted like semur in Indonesia. Taste sweet from sweet soy sauce and savory, contain Chicken, Potato, falt rice noodle and spring onion.SO YUMMY and huge portion, I ate this together with 3 others without rice and couldn't make it :( Poor the rest of the chicken. I saw 2 korean girls eat that with rice and taa-daa the plate was so clean -___- eat alot and stay skinny sucks

\(^. ^)/\(^ -^)/\(^- ^)/\(^O^)/\(^.^)/
\(^O^)/ SNACK TIME \(^O^)/
 \(^. ^)/\(^ -^)/\(^- ^)/\(^O^)/\(^.^)/
My routinity every time I go abroad is..... PLAYING AT SUPERMARKET! you can feel different unique excitement when you find cute snacks, drinks or other cute stuffs that you can't find at Indonesian supermarket. Or maybe if you are lucky, you can find Korean traditional food cooking demo and try it for free HE HE HE but if there's no Supermarket near your hotel, just go to 7 eleven or other minimart :D  

Very very famous. Hmm tasted like banana HAHA hmm tasted creamy but not too heavy and strong banana flavour. Actually there's other packaging and brand, but this "shape" is the most common for Indonesian and better taste from other brands. They also have other flavours, like strawberry and orange :3

PEPERO ₩1000
well in Indonesia, usually we know Pocky stick, in Korea, Lotte made the same called as Pepero. I bought milk chocolate, almond chocolate, and dark chocolate taste. YAM YAMbecause very famous in Korea, There's PEPERO's DAY, or Korean Valentine's day. Always be held every November 11th ( 11.11 ) <- Look like pepero rite :p On Pepero's day, People gives pepero cute creation for someone they loved <3<3

my on-board's meal
well, their 2 choices for my lunch, roasted chicken in western style or dakgalbi. Of course, I chose Dakgalbi HEHE since western food is too mainstream. Galbi is Korean beef ribs. Galbi usually cooked as soup ( or called as Galbitang ).Here served with saute vegetables. It's ok but ya you know what can you expected from on-board-meal? Small plate on the left of main dish is like salad but more looked like urap HAHA taste  good hmm tomato, peas, and mincemeat :9 the one that interesting me is KIMCHI in a packaging AAAAA tasted so damn good even better than fresh kimchi *over* so sour and hot my favorite!

Korea is such a lovely country! I never get boring with it especially with their food, hopefully can come back here next time! Maybe with boyfriend :P because Korea is full with super cute romantic couples who make you super duper envy like crazy when you go here alone! 안녕히 계세요!!!!

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