Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Living in Korea is not as expensive as many people think. Here in this post, i will share my personal place for buying daily groceries. If you cook by yourself at home is super much cheaper and even cheaper than Indonesia! Bring your groceries budget to your nearest traditional market, and here one near my house, named
( sijang = traditional market )

it like super long alley, very clean and convenience. You can find everything vegetable, meat, clothe, even restaurant and traditional street food inside.
Korea is famous with its super expensive fruit, but not here in Sijang, like Peach here you can get with only ₩3000/basket ( around 1kg) but in the supermarket twice more expensive

For vegetable, its also cheaper than supermarket but not so cheap like in sijang around ₩500 cheaper
Fruit here very very seasonal, like strawberry you can find around march-may spring period but when it comes to june, everybody hunts for watermelon and peach and change again depends on the season
For meat, also much cheaper same as fruit, you can find pork, beef, chicken, and even fresh seafood and not all store using Kg system usully in korea they use,
1 근 geun = 600 grams
1 마리 mari = 1 piece ( usually for seafood)

After looking for groceries you must be hungry, in the middle of the alley, you can find 1 super crowd restaurant named,
Hand made cut noodle

You can see making process 
Join the crowd
black bean paste noodle
what a big portion! You can share like for two people but here everybody eat 1 bowl by themselves hem. Jajangmyeon very delicious with sweet black bean paste, some pork slices and potatoes. The noodle itself very chewy and fresh and long.. HAHA
Taste 9/10
original cut noodle
For this original taste served with pork broth and garnished with some green onion and seaweed. Taste very soft, simple, and yummy.
Taste 8.5/10
See? It was like 9 PM but many people still come to the market
Finally i found original korean version of kkulddak, super long queue, and many many flavour serves
Choose your size, choose flavour, and they will put toppoki on top of your stick.
Omg! So crunchy yummy even better than kkuldak. I tried sweet cheese and honey spicy both are yummy
Taste 8.5/10
Traditional market in Korea is not the same as in Indonesia, dirty and fishy smell. If you boring with tourism object destination, you can put this on your visit list! 

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
How to get there :
Mangwon MRT Station Exit 2


  1. Hi, I know this is late but could I ask whether the kalguksu you mentioned was really served with pork broth? I saw a vlogger mentioning that it’s an anchovy broth and it’s from the same restaurant. Appreciate your reply, Thanks!

    1. Hi nad!
      Im not really sure because i tasted like pork broth inside. I browsed some korean blog that posted about this, some said it made from anchovy 멸치 but some said maybe it has 육수 pork borth but really not sure about thisss sorry

    2. Sorry once again yuksu can be meant as beef broth or ya meat broth but whag kind of meat not sure haha

    3. That was helpful, thanks Hana!