Monday, August 28, 2017


KENTING super beautiful beach area in the southern part of Taiwan. That only can be reached from if you come from other city side of Kaohsiung, you can take any HSR train or regular train to Kaohsiung and take an express bus to Kenting from HSR STATION KAOHSIUNG EXIT 2, take elevator down and go to platform no.1

As you can see down there, ZUOYING (KAOHSIUNG) to KENTING price is NT$392/ oneway but you can use your easycard and get discount 5% so becomes NT$372.4

It takes around 2 hours until you reach Kenting area. But they make stops in several area so make sure your accomodation. But since me and my friends stayed at Kenting street we stopped at very last stop, KENTING.

And for the way back to Kaohsiung, just take a bus opposite your bus stop from kaohsiung right infront of Meei shye hotel, and also there has official bus employee where you can buy your bus ticket or just ask for kenting bus schedule.

Hope this post help you who want to go holiday to Kenting, CIAO!!

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