Monday, October 27, 2014


Right after nami island, my bus went directly to the eastest side of korea,SOKCHO 속초. Here stand the 3rd highest mountain in korea, SEORAKSAN  설악산 ( 설 seor means snow, 악 ak means stone, 산 means mountain) because in seorak full of stone mountain. Almost all old korean, loves to hike mt. Seorak in autumn, because of lovely weather, beautiful scenery, and not too far distance from seoul ( only about 4 hours drive). After entering the national park, i took cable car to the top of the mountain. Not end here, after reach top cable car station, we have to walk about 5 minutes by walk to the real top. It worth to do! The scenery will pay the price.
For accomodation, in national park also has resort but i stayed in sokcho city, named FOR YOU RESORT. Nice and super big room, it even bigger than my 100m2 apartment :p you also can check hotel or resort price here. For you that prefer hotel not resort, you can choose The Class 300, i've been stayed there and lovely 4 stars hotel.
For food, i suggest you..... SEAFOOD! yess mostly here are fishermans so you can easily eat seafood here with great price. For you that love sashimi, you have to stay in the class 300 hotel because across the hotel there's a fish market that will provide you from the morning till 10 PM fresh seafood. Or here as my dinner, i ate famous GRILLED MACAREL. Price ₩12,000 or IDR 240,000 totally worth it guys.
For souvenir or snack, you have to buy SEAWEED. Freshly made and cheap, in seoul you have to pay ₩10,000 for a box but here just half of it ₩5,000

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