Monday, October 27, 2014


SEOUL! Finally city view HAHA shopping! I just love city view, skyscrapper, traffic jam, crowds. After 4 hours drive from mt. Seorak and 1 rest area stop, we made it here. Btw, in korea, Rest area is so clean and lovely. There are food court, ofcourse toilet, mini market and even some clawn machine :3 beaucse of fall, everything just looks amazing! Red, yellow, and green leaves, cool wind breeze, sipping hot chocolate ☕ because I arrived here about 12 am, i was having lunch here. There are some choices, RAMYEON 라면 (Korean noodle), UDON 우동 (Japanese big noodle), BIBIMBAB 비빔법(Korean mix rice with vegetable and beef ), and many more. I chose HAEMUL RAMYEON 해믈라면 (seafood ramyeon) ₩5,000 or IDR 60,000. Hot broth, fresh clams and squid so yummy!!! And dont forget eat it with kimchi and raddish. 

Korea is like a coffee addict country. You can easily find coffee shop every corner of the street. And here I drank my most favorite ICE CARAMEL MACHIATO from EDIYA COFFEE priced ₩ 4,500 for medium and ₩ 6,000 for large one. I thing it even tasted better than starbucks' my favvvv <3 check out my previous post about it! here
MYEONGDONG, the number 1 must visit place in Seoul. Myeongdong is like pasar baroe in jakarta, huge shopping street that you can find everything here from street food, local brand store, international brand store, and many more. But now I didn't buy anything cause it starts fall/winter collection and nothing can be use in Indonesia since it has different season I preferred myself "snack" HAHA. I bought CHICKEN SATAY ₩ 3,000, i forgot photo but it looked like kebab, huge satay with chicken , leek, and some vegetables in sour sweet sauce yum! and then refresh myself with POMEGRANATE JUICE ₩5,000, quite expensive but totally worth it so fresh, sweet with a lil bitter taste. and at least not last, TTEOKPOKKI W 8,500, korean rice cake and fish cake in sweet spicy jojujang sauce & KIMBAB ₩7,000, korean sushi with tuna inside 

And this is the end my autumn journey. Korea never makes me bored every season has it magical scenery. See on other travel diary!!


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