Friday, October 31, 2014


WEEKEND IS COMING! and you have no idea where to go, mall or movie theater just too mainstream, I'll suggest you short trip that gonna make you feel like u having long holiday.
Past few weeks ago, my friend and I went to TJ. LESUNG. Maybe it sounds strainge in your ear but it is a lil piece of heaven in Banten Province. Located "almost" the westest part of java island, Tj. Lesung is very famous with their secret beach. Maybe we more familiar with Marbella hotel at carita beach anyer, Tj.Lesung is about 1 hour far from there to the west.
How to get there?
Take a car and turn on your gps! LOL well you have to pass Jakarta-Merak toll way and take Cilegon gate exit. After that, just follow the route to carita, anyar and then go though after carita to Labuan and taa-daa you reach it! It will take about 3 hours from jakarta - tj. Lesung ( > 600KM)

Where to stay?
KALICAA RESORT! yess this is where i was stayed with my friends. Perfect resort with private beach and many activities to do. You can check rate and location here. I used to stay in Fiji 2 Villa ( Rate about IDR 4,000,000 / USD 376 / night ). Fiji 2 means it has 2 bed rooms. It kinda very spacy. It has a living room where you can enjoy watching movie with ur family, a small pool where you can have morning dip , outdoor kitchen with stove and refrigerator. You very recommanded to do BBQ here! But prepare all your ingridients from jakarta because around resort there's no market or even bank or mini market so hard to be found too bad!  HAHAHA but its totally OK and worth it.

What To Do?
1. BEACH-ING yesss! Just take a lil walk from your villa, you will find beautiful private beach with some benches around. Enjoying noon wind breeze and swashing waves. But becarefull, there's much coral here so dont swimming at the beach
2.WATERSPORT! here from your villa, you can use car (maybe? because it quite far about 5 minutes by car) to the beach club! Or you exercise lover, you can take a walk around 15 minutes from your villa- beach coast- and beach club. There are alotof water activities to do. Parasailing, flying donuts, jetski, diving,canoing, snorkling or even by boat go to Ujung Kulon National Park! Price starting IDR 60000/ USD 5 ~ IDR 360,000/ USD 30 per person depens on activity.Actually, I loved to take boat to national park, but because its too crowded, I just did snorkling around beach club for IDR 80,000 .
3. CYCLING around is one of my favorite! You can rent bicycle here and enjoy spots if you too lazy to take a walk HAHA
4. SWIMMING, kalicaa also has quite big swimming pool with basketball basket haha dont forget to bring your swimming suit!
5. SUNSET HUNTER, you can enjoy it in some huts on the edge of beach with someone you love
6. SUNBATHING? with bikinis? I dont think so haha but maybe you can do this in your villa
7. BBQ! yesssss seafood!!!!
8. I have no idea...... 

" I prefer beach then mount, because feel so holiday! Blue sky, white sand, and warm water "
- anonymous 

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