Sunday, January 5, 2014

SUMOBOO! another dessert in a bowl

HAPPY NEW YEAR! i know it must be too late haha but yaaa better late than never. My firstly post in 2014 is dessert! yee yee yee another new dessert had opened in PIK, named SUMOBOO! It is located inline with carnivors and ikkudo ichi, right beside coffeebar. Cute place dominated with some pastel colors, yellow, blue,and wood color. The capacity is about  35 person in the first floor and there is also the second floor but i didnt go upstairs :P * too lazy*. They have lots variety of menu, from drinks ( bubble, smoothie, even sake), dessert bowls, mochi, light snacks, and also some heavy meal such udon. Good place, Good variety, but one that must be improved, their service. First, people doesnt be served when they come in. Second, after being awkward choosing seat by ourself, the waiter didnt even give the menu, and so hard to called them. But thank God, my ordered didnt take too long! unomnomnom....
mostly uploaded in Instagram :P Looked like teddy bear, doesn't it? Cute ice shaved with matcha flavour, teddy nose by vanilla ice cream, ear by fresh strawberry, and 3 pieces of milo cereal. Matcha flavour is so lovely, bitter yet not-too-sweet.I LOVE LOVE LOVE.
 Sumoboo's Dessert #5 ( Bomb Balls, Mochi, Pudding, Bubble, Taro Balls & Ice Cream)
 IDR 30K
One thing that other dessert houses dont have is Bomb Balls, the waiter said that it kinda Taro balls but made from Japanese local yam. Overall, taste like ya other dessert bowl, not too special. For me, HongTang's still #1! because I think Sumoboo's milk is too light and lil bit tasteless.
So creative! yaa we know lah now-a-day, everything about nutella is sell-able. Tasted so yummy, combination of nutella, cocoa, and fresh milk is perfectly not-too-sweet. MY FAVORITE!
STRAWBERRY ICE BLENDED IDR 26Ktasted like strawberry juice, fresh!
my mom said that it tasted like medicine LOL I like it. Orange essence combined with yakult is so refreshing and popping boba make it more sour :9

Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta utara
Ph. (021) 96628677

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