Tuesday, January 14, 2014


HUFFFFF i kinda boring with my office and i think I need some day offs :( Throw back my duty trip to Japan on december always makes me happy and wanting to go back to Japan. One crazy night that I have done in Tokyo was trying a traditional ramen house in the middle of the night!! SUPER CRAY CRAY SUPPER! actually I NEVER eat something heavy after 9 P.M. My friend said that if you come to Tokyo and stay around Ikebukuro area, you have to try this. Lucky me! I stayed at Hotel Metropolitan in Nishi-Ikebukuro ( West Ikebukuro ). 

And how to get to this super ramen house?? Oh iya, by the way it named MUTEKIYA RAMEN HOUSE. Exit the hotel from the front gate turn left just go damn straight, go , go , go , until you find a  big cross and this located on your left side, so easy, isn't it??

"L" long line queueing didn't make me give up waiting for it HAHA It was -3'c outside so cold! I kept imagining a big bowl of ramen with hot pork crazy broth AAAA :'''') I didn't care of getting fat because of having supper at 11 PM HAHA While queueing, the waiter came out, gave me a menu and took a note of my order. So happy because the waiter could speak english! It took time for me to decided what to order because all menu is in Japanese so I just randomly chose it based on attracting picture in it. There are 2 sizes for the noodle, big one is 400 grams and the small one is 200grams. I chose the small one lahhh so crazy if I ordered the big one HAHA. After 45 minutes, freezing finally I came in BABY!!!!!

Ramen houses in Japan always have a small space not like in Indonesia. Mutekiya only has about 20 seats in it. So warm inside *so happy* On my table, there are some ramen additional seasoning, chili oil, chili powder, vinegar, soy sauce and garlic with its masher. For the drink, here they serve a jar of cold water and one clear smaller jar for thick green tea essence. 

Not took to long, my order was coming! OMG the small size is as big as Indonesia's large size. Very very attractive *ngiler* Smells so good. First impression when I slruppppp the broth OMG OMG OMG so damn thick!!!!! so porky so savory so crazy AAAAA this broth called as Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen, made from pork bone ( tonkotsu) that being boiled for long long time until it broke and shoyu (Japanese soy sauce)( in every area has different kind of Ramen you can check it here ) then I gave some mashed garlic and other seasoning wuuuuuuu I touched the buta(s) so tender so fat so thick. The noodle texture is so chewy, not to big, and perfectly cooked. Other "thing" inside are yummy egg, spinach, spring bamboo, and green onion.

After only about 15 minutes, my belly was fully filled. And I reduced porky taste in my mouth with drink a full glass of pure green tea essence without water, so bitter but porky taste was gone away after that. My mouth was being ripped!! My super unforgettable dish in Japan. 45 minutes of waiting was priceless. That crazy bowl of happiness only priced ¥800 super worth it if you compared it with Indonesian ramen house. Hope God gives me chance to go back to Tokyo to eat this thousand more times! BEST RAMEN SO FAR IN MY LIFE !! 

1¥ = IDR 110

MinamiikebukuroToshimaTokyo PrefectureJapan
Phone : +81 3-3982-7656


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