Friday, January 17, 2014

COCO CURRY HOUSE best curry in town!

Last thursday night, I hung out with my office mates for some birthday treats YEYEEEE I just started my diet on Wednesday and it died on the next day BZ BZ BZ well shortly, I finally done making this review after this second visits, COCO CURRY HOUSE! Newly opened restaurant in Grand Indonesia, located next to pancious. Actually, I have seen Coco in Japan, so attractive displays but I am not a curry fan so I prefer eat ramen or sushi he he he But if I compared with other outlets in other countries, Indonesia's choice of menu is fewer. But it's ok, it still eye-catching and succeed make me confused with lots of choice of topping 

And how to order? Call the waiter lah LOL kidding. There are 2 kinds of curry, omelete curry or original curry. For Omelete curry, you can't customize it but for the original one you can! For you who in diet, you can less the rice (150g - less IDR 5K), or order the standard size (250g), or for your super hungry belly you can upsize the rice (350g - add. IDR 10K)(450g - add IDR 20k)(550g - add IDR 30K). Challenge yourself with the spiciness level 1 to 5, or add some additional topping to your curry!! You also can upgrade it with "SET A" = get a mini salad + any drink or "SET B" = get a mini salad + any drink + ice cream and jelly as dessert.

HAMBURG TOMATO CURRY + SPICY LEVEL 5 + SET A ( drink lemon tea) IDR 70K + 25K
The Hamburg is so yummy!!! I dont know what coco does with it, It just like heaven in a palm hand size minced beef unomnomnom when you take a bite it tasted so tender like melting in your mouth, combined it with sour fresh tomato and curry sauce CAN'T STOP!!! and for the salad, I like the dressing, sour and fresh, and for lemon tea, tasted watery and the glass is too small :p
best match! crispy chicken with melted cheese and spicy sauce :9 Good choice to add cheese in!
i am totally in love with the omelet from the first time it came into my mouth, perfectly smooth, creamy, not overcooked, speechless........steamed chicken can be my guilty medicine after ate all of the rice because it doesn't contain fat #LIAR so smooth, creamy, and tender :9
CHICKEN CUTLET OMELET IDR 80KChicken cutlet tasted so tender and quite big and for curry itself is not too thick so flavory and yummy!
CREAM & MUSHROOM OMELET IDR 60K blow me away!!! totally gorgeously creamy! Combination of curry sauce and heavy cream is perfect although only with mushroom but tasted so fancy! Score : 100/100!
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West mall Level 3A unit E0 01-1
Jl. M.H Thamrin no. 1
Jakarta Pusat
Phone : (021) - 23580960

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