Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Singapore oh singapore, I always ask myself, why I never get bored traveling to this little country. I always miss to go back here and explore their cuisine. One of the most that I always eat if I go to Singapore is its "standard" local dishes at my favorite spot in City Hall area. I used to stay in a hotel nearby named Peninsula Excelsior. When I was a kid, my mom left me at the hotel while she's shopping, So me and my sister loved to buy something to be eaten. Go outside the hotel turn left and taa-daa there is a place like food court that sell Singapore Local dishes, drinks, and desserts. Always full every lunch time and dinner or when after office hour, people comes here chitchat and drink cold beer together with colleagues. Here in CityHall area, the price is still reasonable compared with in Orchard Road area.And these are some my favorite! :3

love this soup! not too clear but so light and savory. The organ is so tender yet chewy. With celery sprinkles NOMNOM
 SEKBA S$ 4.5
too bad I forget the name, but in Indonesia we called it sekba. So good! see the fat layers ?? slruppppp Some samcan cut, tofu, pig skin and pig gut :9 SUPER NOMNOM 


my most favorite!!! so crunchy outside, so damn hot inside HAHA 10 pieces of guilty pleasure served with sour sweet dipping. Minced pork, spring onion, and some copped cabbage inside are wonderful to the mars and back!

KOPI O- PENG S$ 1.50
go away sleepy head! Super strong ice americano called Kopi O (Coffee with sugar) - Peng ( ping in mandarin means cold/iced) even stronger than Starbucks' HAHA so thick and not too sweet as I wished
1S$ = IDR 9K

near Funan digital life mall
New Bridge Rd, City Hall

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