Saturday, November 14, 2015


Autumn is now in climax! Last time i went to Ehwa University area. Ehwa is very famous with female university. Some koreans say if you can get girl friend from ehwa she must be rich and smart. And here also famous with shopping area same like hongdae and sinchon. Day and night also great they all busy all day long.
Got into the university, my eye treated my autumn porn! See all those red green yellow trees super beautiful no dope! Here if you lazy go outside from seoul to hunt autumn photo just come here and all your desire fulfilled LOL 
i suggest you, shopping or eating you can do all the time BUT you have to do MOUNTAIN CLIMB in autumn no doubt how beautiful to see Seoul from top, right? And here behind ehwa university area, there is a mountain named ANSAN. So from the main entrance just go straight to North gate and you will find this building like this picture below...
And then you will find "no vehicle allow to pass this sreet" like a small gate for pedestrian, and you get inside this gate just walk along the street you can see old style korean house or hanok, and ended with finding a temple, you can drink some mountain water there and contonue walking, it just take around 1 hour to the top. Beginner level for hiking HAHA 
SEE how beautiful is it! If you have time spending time here is the best to avoid city atmosphere, so peaceful and calm ♡ Ciao!

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