Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Autumn is the best time to spend your time with nature. Nothing can beat beautiful of yellow reddish leaves, blowing wind and peaceful place. So this time i ( alone like usually) went to Seoul grand park. It was my first time and totally stunning with the view. Super big park with everything inside. Let's take a look ♡
Get out from the MRT station, you can see beautiful long path to the main gate of the park. Here you can find many ahjumma selling korean picnic meal, like kimbab, and rice cake. And here has..... 빤대기 BANDAEGI, or silk worm EGHH so smell, it just boiled, i gave up trying this too stinky!!

Here they also have :
THEME GARDEN - you can find lots kind of flower, ticket around ₩10000
SEOUL LAND - amusement park, ticket around ₩35000
SEOUL ZOO- my fav!, ticket around ₩3000

And from all, i decided to spend my whole day here, Seoul zoo SO CHEAP ENTRANCE FEE HAAHAHA only ₩3000 lalala here super big, i think whole day not enough for this if you do by walk, they provide tour bus inside with extra fee or you can take a cable car! It sounds interesting, doesnt it?? So while autumn everything also beautiful and below some pictures before went inside the zoo.
CABLE CAR TICKET ₩10000/2 times used. You also can buy 1 time ₩5500 or one day pass ₩13000. But i think 2 times-ticket is enough. I just amazed with everything i've seen from above! See those trees♡ super stunning, i just cant Thank god more for that. Super super duper worth it.
Inside the zoo, they have many restaurant and here i had OLD SCHOOL TTEOKPOKI ₩5000, everything tastes great while you hungry. It quite pricey but good tho.
Here inside also have glass house!!!!! ♡♡ dum dum dum many kinds of flowers BANYAK BUNGA BUNGAAA BUNGA BUNGAAAAA KISS KISS now i know what Syahrini's feel LOL
and near exit gate, you can buy mini plant for souvenir and i chose this beautiful-unknown-kind plate for ₩1000 so cheap right for decorated your window HAHA

And before going home, i found this peaceful sight across the zoo and became my favorite in Seoul grand park, i dont know whether it real or not, but super peaceful really. Nobody here just me and the wind #TZAHHH it looks like lake in Europe #gayalo #kayapernahkeeurope
Beside hanul park in World cup stadium, i hearted it more JINJJA will explore more autumn spot and tell you soon guys. ciao!!!!

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