Saturday, November 14, 2015


If you are living in seoul, you will never get bored because the goverment always treat you with many festivals. Last week, they helded KIMJANG, korean kimchi making festival in City hall for free too bad i was working so couldn't join it HIKKKK so i attended other festival in Cheonggyecheon, named SEOUL LANTERN FESTIVAL. Super crowded because i came on saturday and there was a demo near city hall like thousand peopld gathered there for protest about Goverment's history book launching plan. 

HERE superrrr beautifull!! From gyeongbokgung, hanok village, korea cartoon ( pororo, larva, and others) and many more. Super long from cheonggyecheon near gwanghamun until jongro.

You can also write your on wishes on a paper and hang it out or in a lantern and after write your wishes, you put it on the waterflow ♡ 

This is my first time and super beautiful although it was raining. It still open until Nov 22nd! Go and enjoy CIAO!

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